Can’t come to Europe… Japan with the same worries as Korea “The best in the given environment”

During the pre-evaluation period, Korea and Japan fall into the same dilemma.

Korea, led by coach Klinsman, will have an evaluation match on A-match day in June. Their opponents are Peru and El Salvador. Japan Peru and El Salvador.

Korea and Japan are facing the same opponents during the evaluation period. It is to find an opponent for an effective evaluation match.

As the European Football Federation (UEFA) Nations League began in Europe, most teams in Asia are having a hard time finding opponents for the evaluation match. This is because European teams do not cross the continent due to the Nations League. During this June A-match period, the 2022-2023 Nations League final tournament will be held.

As Europe competed against each other, it was difficult for teams from other continents to have an effective evaluation match. This is also the case in South America, where strong soccer teams are concentrated. Former Brazilian coach Chichi even begged, “Please let us play against a strong European team.” With Brazil at this level, there is nothing to say about other teams.

Because of this, Korea and Japan are sharing each other. Mainly, South American teams will be the opponents for the evaluation match, and when one team plays Korea, the other team plays Japan, and then exchanges opponents for the second match.

This June, El Salvador and Peru, and last March, Colombia and Uruguay all visited Korea and Japan. Ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, it succeeded in inviting Brazil, the favorite for the championship.

Although they are having an effective evaluation match in this way, it is the same situation that they cannot bring in a strong European team, and they cannot go there either.

Japanese coach Hajime Moriyasu received a question related to this at a local press conference held online on the 26th and said, “Among the options, they are very good opponents.” are doing It’s because we don’t have a lot of options,” he said. “However, there are restrictions on choosing an opponent, but we always have to think about how to level up in a given environment.먹튀검증” He emphasized that we should concentrate on improving the team power accordingly.

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