“Caicedo should have spent 190 billion? 198.1 billion to bring Rice!”… Chelsea senior’s ‘point of advice’

 In the transfer market last summer, a record-breaking signing was made in the English Premier League (EPL).

In two representative cases, Chelsea signed Moises Caicedo for 115 million pounds (190 billion won), the highest transfer fee in league history. In addition, Arsenal acquired Declan Rice for 105 million pounds (173.3 billion won), the highest transfer fee for a British player.

It’s similar in terms of spending a lot of money, but바카라사이트 the effect is different. So far, most of the evaluations are that Caicedo is not getting its money’s worth. Rice, on the other hand, is receiving praise. As for the team’s performance, Chelsea fell to 12th place, while Arsenal was in 5th place with 3 wins, 1 draw, and an undefeated streak.

Then, goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, who had experience playing for Chelsea in the past, gave a ‘shock’ to Chelsea. It was a voice saying that he had failed in the transfer market. In particular, he raised his voice saying that Chelsea should have recruited Rice instead of Caicedo. 

In particular, Rice is a player with a deep connection to Chelsea. From 2006 to 2013, Rice was a Chelsea youth player. He left for West Ham youth team in 2013 before making his first-team debut in 2015.

Begovic appeared on a podcast and claimed, “Chelsea’s contract with Caicedo was wrong. Chelsea should have signed Rice, not Caicedo.”

He added: “We spent the highest transfer fee of 115 million pounds on Caicedo. Then we should have spent 120 million pounds on Rice. I don’t know Rice personally. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal. Rice may have wanted to go to Chelsea in his heart, he said.

“The same goes for Enzo Fernandes. I believe Rice would have been a better signing than Fernandes. Chelsea spent a lot of money signing Caicedo and Fernandes. If they had that kind of money, I would prefer Rice the most. The best players. “Chelsea must open its doors to the players,” he emphasized.

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