“Buyout + 4x annual salary no problem” ‘Man Utd leader’ Kim Min-jae before recruiting, ‘500 trillion’ Newcastle jumped in

 The atmosphere is in full swing for the recruitment of ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae (Napoli).

Newcastle, the ‘money end game’, jumped in. On the 17th (Korean time), England’s Hard Tackle said, ‘Man United will be willing to pay a buyout of 56 million euros for Kim Min-jae. But Newcastle also wants Kim Min-jae.” He continued, “Man United is actively recruiting Kim Min-jae, but they will have to compete fiercely with Newcastle for recruitment.” According to Fabricio Romano, Kim Min-jae is also a target for Newcastle. “Newcastle have strong capital to pay for the buyout,” he added. Romano said through Give Me Sports, ‘The competition for Kim Min-jae is open. Newcastle sent a scout to watch Kim Min-jae for several weeks,’ he said.

Kim Min-jae is emerging as a hot sale this summer. Forbes, an American economic magazine, published an article titled ‘Man Utd’s target is Kim Min-jae this summer’s bargain sale’. Forbes said, ‘Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount is about the 10th of all English Premier League center back transfer fees, but considering Kim Min-jae’s value, it will be a good deal.’ “Kim Min-jae is good at competing in the air and knows how to intercept the ball. He also has the passing ability to build up,’ he said. ‘Kim Min-jae is entering his prime as a defender. He needs little time to adjust to the English stage. He even received military service benefits. “It’s not risky to sign him,” he said.

As Forbes explains. Kim Min-jae is one of the best defenders this season. Napoli won the thrilling league championship trophy in 33 years. It is the third time Napoli has won the championship since the 1986-1987 season and the 1989-1990 season when the ‘legend’ Diego Maradona was active. At the center was Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae, the first Korean to win the Scudetto, played an active role throughout the season as the core of the team. When ‘Legend’ Koulibaly left for Chelsea, Kim Min-jae, who was recruited as a substitute, quickly became the center of the team without any adaptation period. In September of last year, Kim Min-jae was selected as the Serie A Player of the Month. Kim Min-jae was the first Asian national player to be selected as the Serie A Player of the Month, which was awarded from the 2019-2020 season.

With Kim Min-jae taking the center stage, Napoli recorded the fewest goals in the league this season. In particular, in the aggressive Luciano Spalletti style, Kim Min-jae achieved amazing results with aggressive defense. A relay of praise from legends such as Fabio Cannavaro and Alexandro Costacurta followed. He performed fantastically, to the point of being debated as the world’s best centre-back beyond Italy. It is even mentioned in the best 11 of all time in Naples. Unsurprisingly, he was also nominated for the Serie A Team of the Year this season. The award is likely.

Kim Min-jae, who has received attention from big clubs throughout the season with his amazing performance, seems to be increasing in value. While connected to big clubs such as Man City, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Tottenham, Man United has recently been active. The European media all said, ‘Man Utd is accelerating the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. They are scrambling to publish reports stating that they can pay the buyout.

French Foot Mercato said, “Man Utd tried to talk with Kim Min-jae,” and “Man Utd will offer Kim Min-jae a much higher salary than the star striker’s salary received in Naples.” Italy’s Tuto Mercato said, “Man United has been in contact with Kim Min-jae since the World Cup,” and “will try to sign him at an amount higher than the buyout around June, before the buyout is activated in July.” Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano recently appeared on a YouTube channel specializing in Manchester United news and said, “Kim Min-jae is definitely a player Manchester United is watching. He has already dispatched scouts several times.”

On the 16th, Ilmatino, an Italian media outlet, reported that ‘only detailed coordination is left’. Ilmartino said, ‘Man United is on the verge of recruiting Kim Min-jae’ and ‘the club’s leadership and agent also persuaded Min-jae Kim to accept Man Utd’. However, Kim Min-jae drew a line. Kim Min-jae said, “There has been no specific contact,” and “The 2022-2023 season is not over yet. The player focused only on winning the league this season. He was not shaken by continued rumors, and we also decided not to move until the end of the season. As much as it has been confirmed, we will watch the situation lightly.” “We know that Manchester United is interested,” he said. “As Manchester United is currently in a complicated situation with the acquisition of the club, it will be difficult to move quickly. Above all, Manchester United have not yet confirmed their participation in the European Champions League.”

However, what Man United wants in Kim Min-jae is a ‘fact’. The hard tackle said, ‘While Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, and Rafael Baran have big and small problems, Kim Min-jae has emerged as an alternative. Manchester United offered an annual salary of 8 million euros. 8 million euros is about four times the annual salary Kim Min-jae is currently receiving. Man U sent scouts several times to watch Kim Min-jae. Manchester United, who transformed into the Eric ten Hag system this season, showed potential. He is preparing to rebuild again to win the league next season. The positions he wants to reinforce are upfront, midfield and defence. He intends to stabilize the defense by recruiting Kim Min-jae. As Kim Min-jae has already been verified, it is expected that there will be no major problems in his starting position. British Express said, ‘The Glazer family is preparing the last parting gift to Ten Hagh, Kim Min-jae.’

Manchester United wants to confirm the proven Kim Min-jae recruitment early. Wallcle centerbacks are becoming more and more rare. Kim Min-jae has already been verified in the European Champions League. In the European Champions League, the war of stars, no striker has surpassed Kim Min-jae. But the situation is complicated. Because of the existence of the buyout. Kim Min-jae inserted a buyout when he joined Napoli last summer. Arenanapoli said, ‘Kim Min-jae’s contract has a buyout clause that allows him to leave Napoli this summer. For Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis, it is a very real risk.” “Kim Min-jae can freely leave the club by exercising his option for two weeks from July 1st to 15th (only overseas). Kim Min-jae has a contract until 2025,” he said. “The buyout amount varies from 45 million to 60 million euros. The price is linked to the parameters of the buyer’s turnover,’ he said.

If he just calls out the buyout, he can become the winner of the match for Kim Min-jae. Given Kim Min-jae’s performance this season, it is a relatively cheap price. Because of this, many teams besides Manchester United are watching Kim Min-jae. Newcastle jumped in too. Newcastle will be acquired by the Saudi Sovereign Fund in 2021 and become the world’s richest club. The wealth of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund amounts to 500 trillion won. The ‘symbol of wealth’ Sheikh Mansour, the owner of Manchester City, seems small. There were no noisy signings expected, but Newcastle changed the league game this season by continuing with signings like Altoran. Currently on top 3 The European Champions League is a strong situation. According to The Hard Tackle, Newcastle are preparing to part ways with Jamal Lascelles. I am thinking of Kim Min-jae as an alternative. A 56 million euro buyout is not a problem for Newcastle. The annual salary is also a club that can invest more than Manchester United.

With the addition of Newcastle,토토사이트 the match for Kim Min-jae is in a fluctuating atmosphere again. Kim Min-jae’s side is smiling. Kim Min-jae’s side said, “Each league’s qualification for the European Champions League has not been decided, and the European Champions League schedule for this season has not been finalized. The situation can change rapidly depending on the results.” “There is a high possibility that the big clubs are paying attention. We also don’t like to move fast by nature.” As time goes on, the options are expected to increase. Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City have already expressed their interest in Kim Min-jae directly or indirectly.

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