“Bat assault” of a prospect in the “1st nomination” who said, “I want to throw in the first team this year”… Bad ending called ‘Emission’

 Right-hander Lee Won-joon (SSG Landers) of the ‘1st nomination’ 스포츠토토was released due to a ‘bat assault’ problem.

On the 13th, SSG said, “We held our own disciplinary committee on the 12th and decided to withdraw Lee Won-joon, who recently caused controversy with his bat corporal punishment.” We have decided to withdraw, which is the strongest sanction that can be taken.”

The incident happened on the 6th. Group 2 infielder A gathered players younger than himself at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon and instructed them to set up a group game. The reason was that infielder B was being cocky.

Afterwards, it was reported that pitcher C, who had been fooled, called B and hit him on the buttocks twice with a baseball bat. Another player, D, who received the award, gathered the players again and gave them the award.

On the 11th, SSG said, “After recognizing the incident on the 7th, I reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center and requested an investigation. After interviewing the players involved on the weekend, I wrote a report on the circumstances. It was submitted to the KBO.” I am sorry for the incident. Those involved in the incident were excluded from training and game participation. Currently, the KBO is investigating, and the club will actively engage in the investigation. After the KBO investigation results are announced, follow-up measures will be taken.”

C, who assaulted player B with a bat, was Lee Won-joon. SSG drew a knife against Lee Won-joon before the KBO reward committee results came out. This is because it was judged to be a serious matter.

After graduating from Yatap High School, Lee Won-joon joined the SK Wyverns (now SSG) as the first pick in the 2017 KBO Rookie Draft. The total performance of the 1st team stage is 22 games (2 starts) 3 losses, 25⅓ innings, 34 runs (33 ERA), an average ERA of 11.72.

Lee Won-joon was enrolled in the ‘Driveline’ program that grafted sports science on SSG Future’s team this season. He was preparing to blossom by going through a 13-week program. However, he walked the path of release by doing an act he shouldn’t have committed called ‘bat assault’.

In February, Lee Won-joon met with reporters at Spring Camp in Florida, USA and said, “I want to stop playing in the 2nd team this year. Looking at the records, I threw 8 to 90 innings in the 2nd team every year. I want to throw at least half of that in the 1st team. there is,” he said. But his end was a bad ending.

Meanwhile, SSG decided to take action on A and D players according to the results of the KBO Reward and Penalty Committee. Follow-up measures, such as measures to prevent recurrence, will be announced in the near future.

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