Barça future, in the end, I can’t wear 6 and run with 30

Spanish La Liga midfielder Gabi (18, Spain), who is called the future of FC Barcelona, ​​ended up wearing number 30 instead of number 6. La Liga, the Spanish professional soccer team, finally rejected Garvey’s registration for the first team squad.

This year, the 18-year-old midfielder was scheduled to wear the number 6, the number of club legend and current manager Xavi Hernandez. This is because he completed the contract for full-fledged adult stage registration after going through youth last September. However, due to Barcelona’s financial problems, the La Liga secretariat blocked Gaby’s first-team enrolment. The reason was that Barcelona’s spending in the 2022/23 season was over the limit. Barcelona appealed to the courts but were rejected each time, and La Liga removed Gaby from their official website.

The final decision was made on the 30th (Korean time). The La Liga Secretariat reposted Gabi’s photo on the official website. Instead, the uniform number remained the same as the previous number 30. It meant that only the existing Huvenil A contract was valid without recognizing the first-team contract. There is a rule in La Liga that a youth player cannot wear a number lower than number 25 in the first team squad. Because of this, Gabi’s dream of wearing the number 6 and inheriting the lineage of Barcelona midfielders was put on hold for a while. Of course, you can go to the game.

Barcelona are confident of signing Gaby into the first team this summer. The plan is to register gabi by making room in the financial situation. That’s how I see it as a future resource for the club. This is the reason why his buyout amount was set at 1 billion euros (approximately 1.4 trillion won).

You can tell just by looking at the adult stage records.먹튀검증 He has scored 4 goals and 11 assists in 84 appearances since his first first-team appearance for Barcelona in August 2021. He has already played 59 matches in La Liga and 11 matches in the UEFA Champions League. He also played 19 matches for the Spanish national team and also participated in the last FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

He was selected as one of the final 9 players in the world’s top 10 soccer players ‘NXGN 2023’ selected by the global football media ‘’ announced on the 22nd, proving that he is the world’s best talent.

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