Atlanta suspends oversized hat celebrations after manufacturer complaints

The Atlanta Braves, which had a unique home run celebration, stopped it.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that the Braves would stop the large hat ceremony they had done every time they hit a home run.

Major League Baseball clubs have their own home run celebrations. Atlanta has been celebrating by putting a giant hat on the player who hit the home run.

The oversized cap was a gift to the players from a local sports memorabilia store. The ceremony using this hat created a great sensation among fans.스포츠토토

Even so, it was stopped because there were people who thought it uncomfortable. New Era, the official manufacturer of major league caps, is one of them.

ESPN reported that the Braves canceled the ceremony after hearing complaints from New Era. New Era was uncomfortable with a hat that they did not make during the game.

As of the 28th, Atlanta is recording 40 homers, the second most after Tampa Bay (51) and Dodgers (45).

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