Are you ready to jump into the lake? Jinyoung Ko “100%”

“If you win, will you jump into the lake?”

“I am ready. 100%.”

Ko Jin-young, who has returned from injury, is aiming to win a major tournament for the first time in four years. Although he has not yet fully recovered from his injury, he plans to lift his third major championship while changing his style with aggressive game management.

On the 20th (Korean time), Ko Jin-young attended the official press conference for the LPGA Tour Chevron Championship (total prize money of 5.1 million dollars) held in Woodlands, Texas, USA, and expressed her determination to compete in the first major tournament of the season. “She won her first major in 2019, and time passed quickly,” said Jinyoung Ko, “I’m looking forward to playing on a new course this year.”

Until last year, the Chevron Championship was held at Mission Hills Country Club in California, USA. However, starting this year, the venue was changed to The Club Carleton Woods, Texas, USA.

Ko Jin-young lost her world No. 1 spot in the second half of last year due to her wrist injury. But she is preparing for her rebound by winning the HSBC World Championship. Ko Jin-young has won two major tournaments, including the ANA Inspiration, the predecessor of this tournament in 2019, and the Evian Championship in the same year.

Ko Jin-young’s physical condition is still not perfect. Her own wrist, Jinyoung Ko, said of her own wrist condition, “It got better by about 80%. She doesn’t have to think too much,” she explains. “Last year, it was difficult to tie her own hair tie because of her wrist pain, but now it’s possible.”

When asked about his determination to win his third major in four years, he said, “I was well prepared for the major tournament in 2019.” It wasn’t easy,” he replied. She continued, “But now that she is with her old swing coach (Lee Si-woo) again, she has regained her mental and physical stability.” He expressed his confidence.

When asked if she would jump into the lake near the 18th hole if she won, Jinyoung Ko said, “I am ready. She is 100%,” she replied.

He also explained the recent change in golf style. “I’m doing a little more aggressively this year,” he said. “In the meantime, I’ve mainly used draw shots, but recently I changed to a slightly faded pitch and got more spin on the green, so my birdie opportunities increased.” Then, regarding the meaning of being aggressive, Ko Jin-young added, “It’s not that I hit the flagstick every hole, but the trajectory of the ball has improved compared to before, and I hit more fade shots and got more birdie opportunities.”

Regarding The Club Carleton Woods Golf Course, where the tournament is held, he said, “It is difficult to play aggressively,” and “However, you will be able to attack the par 5 hole a little aggressively.” In addition, he said, “The wind blows more, and the grass is different from the previous course.”

The season’s first major tournament,메이저사이트 the Chevron Championship, opens on the 20th, and Jinyoung Ko will start the first round at 3:10 am on the 21st, Korea time, with Jennifer Cupcho and Patty Tawatanagit. Ko Jin-young is the winner of this competition in 2019, Tawatanagi is the 2021 champion, and Cupcho is the champion last year.

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