An unfinished challenge… Monday morning against Israel for 3rd and 4th places

The players shed tears at the first defeat they faced in this tournament, but the challenge of the national team is not over yet. Three days later, on Monday morning in our time, we will play the final game of the tournament for the bronze medal against Israel.토토사이트

The moment the final whistle blew, our players sat down on the ground.

Choi Seok-hyeon, who scored the winning goal in the round of 16 and quarter-final, had an expression of disbelief at defeat, and Kang Sang-yoon looked as if he would burst into tears any second.

The 19-year-old youngest Kim Ji-soo finally shed hot tears.

Lee Seung-won, a captain with a ‘quiet’ personality, struggled to hold back tears and lifted up his discouraged colleagues.

[Lee Seung-won/Captain of the U-20 World Cup team: Actually, I had tears in my eyes, but since the game wasn’t over yet, I think he gave me more encouragement to prepare well for the rest of the game instead of lowering my head.

] We prepare for the 3-4 place match against Israel.

As the 3rd place team climbs to the podium and wins the bronze medal, the match against Israel is not a simple ranking match, but a ‘bronze medal match’.

Israel is considered the periphery of European football in the adult stage, but this under-20 team made the biggest sensation by reaching the quarterfinals in its first appearance, and in particular, beat Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Just like the dream I had while preparing for the tournament and my mind at the time,

[Kang Seong-jin (pre-competition resolution): I’ve dreamed of this tournament that I can enter only once, since I was a kid.]

[Lee Ji-han (pre-contest resolution): I’ll never be discouraged or anything like that. No,]

[Kang Sang-yoon (pre-competition resolution): I want to return after growing up.]

Young Taegeuk warriors take on the last challenge with a valuable medal at stake, with an ‘unbreakable heart’.

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