‘Aiming at KFA’ coach Park Hang-seo, statement of conviction “I am suspicious of the appointment of a German chairman – the association must play a good role as a shield”

 Head coach Park Hang-seo (64), who completed a 5-year partnership with Vietnam, made a statement to the Korea Football Association (hereafter referred to as the Association).

Coach Park Hang-seo said at a non-face-to-face press conference on the 17th to reveal his thoughts on finishing his Vietnam journey, “If it is not for the language communication part, domestic leaders have sufficient capabilities to become Korean national team coaches.” “I wonder if [#101] is providing as much support as foreign directors rather than financially.”

Currently, the position of head coach of the Korean national team is vacant. In December of last year, coach Paulo Bento left the team due to the expiration of his contract after putting Korea in the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On the 4th, the association announced the appointment of Michael Müller from Germany as the successor to Lee Yong-soo, former head of the National Team Strengthening Committee. This is the first time that a foreigner has been appointed as the head of the Power Reinforcement Committee, which is responsible for fostering and managing the national team.

Chairman Müller’s first immediate task is to appoint a new national team coach. Earlier, at a press conference on the 11th, he explained, “We will value five factors: professionalism, manager’s experience, motivation, teamwork ability, and environmental factors.”

Head coach Park Hang-seo, who cautiously said that domestic leaders have the right to be the head of the national team, said that he was puzzled when he heard the news of the appointment of Mueller.

He said, “I haven’t met him in person, but I know that he has become a German member of the association’s power reinforcement chairman. I wondered. 슬롯사이트 How much do you really know the capabilities of Korean leaders? Can he accurately evaluate just because he collects data? When (the association) appointed the chairman, I had a curious thought, ‘Did you appoint a foreign coach?’” he said.

He said, “I can’t make a decision because I’m not in a position to choose Korean leaders, but there are many competent leaders in Korea as long as the language communication problem is resolved well in international competitions. I think there are people who have the qualifications to become national leaders,” he added. 

Director Park Hang-seo’s statements continued.

He said, “(For the appointment of national coaches) the view of the association technical committee may be different from (me). I can’t say anything about that part. However, he emphasized once again, “I think that domestic leaders have sufficient competence as a coach, except for the language communication part (in international competitions).” I wonder if they give as much support as the director.”

In addition, “The association must act as a shield so that the director can do it with confidence in some part. I hope the association will look back on whether it has done it right and recognize that domestic coaches also have the ability.”

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