“After waiting for a moment, I even gave him cash”… ‘Umbrella angel woman’ who protected the elderly from rain

A woman who gave a warm impression when she was seen putting an umbrella over an old man who was pushing a cart while getting his body wet on a rainy day, is touching the heart once again when it turns out that she even gave the old man cash. According메이저사이트 to Yonhap News TV

on the 4th, on a rainy day on the 29th of last month, an anonymous woman named A approached an elderly man in his 80s who was pulling a cart loaded with waste paper on a street in Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. Ms. A, who was wearing a small pink umbrella that wasn’t big enough for just one person, must have felt sorry for the old man who was pushing her cart as she got caught in the rain, so she shared her umbrella and walked together for about 1km. Because her umbrella was small, Ms. A’s entire body got wet from the rain, but she instead leaned her body towards the old man to block the rain. This scene was filmed by someone, and the photo was passed on to a media outlet and spread online. Afterwards, her A received praise from many netizens, with many nicknamed her ‘Umbrella Angel’. But Ms. A’s good deeds did not stop there. The old man who took her umbrella at the time told Yonhap News TV , “Mr. A, who gave me the umbrella, told me to wait a moment, then went to the supermarket, took out money, and gave him 30,000 won in an envelope. I don’t know who he is, but I was really grateful.” “He said. In response to this news, netizens once again poured out praise for Mr. A, saying, “You are a really kind-hearted person,” “I hope you only walk on flower paths,” and “An angel has come down.”

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