After the ‘locker room argument’…’3G 1 run’ Awakened Daegu, league leader Ulsan test bed

After the locker room altercation, he fully awakened.

Daegu FC will play the 11th round home game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against Ulsan Hyundai at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 2:00 pm on the 5th. It is the first match of the season between Daegu, which is ranked 7th with 13 points, and Ulsan, which is in the sole lead (25 points).

Daegu has recently been accumulating points one by one. On the 22nd, starting with Daejeon Hana Citizen (1-0 win), Suwon FC (1-1 draw), and Suwon Samsung (1-0 win), they scored 7 points in 3 games. In the match against Suwon Samsung, where Sejingya, the core of the attack, left, it was a big win to get 3 points.스포츠토토

First of all, ‘defensive awakening’ stands out. Even before Daejeon, Daegu lost a lot of points to FC Seoul (0-3 loss) and Gwangju FC (3-4 loss). 7 runs in 2 matches. In particular, in the match against Gwangju, they trailed 0-3 and followed it up to 3-3, but as the defense faltered at the last minute, they allowed one more point and lost.

There were also positive elements. After the defeat in Gwangju, Daegu players had an argument in the locker room, which caused a kind of ‘awakening effect’. It was the first time Daegu director Choi Won-kwon saw it.

Like a lie, Daegu has changed. After being promoted to K-League 1 with the ‘salty defense’ at the forefront, they did not concede a single goal in the match that caused a ‘surprise’. Suwon FC, which aims for attacking football, also allowed only one goal. When facing Suwon Samsung, which was in last place and was desperate for its first win of the season, it kept its one-goal lead with burning defense and suffocating defense.

He is also learning how to win ‘without Sejinya’. Edgar is helping the team by scoring goals in two consecutive games.

Now meet Ulsan. ‘Defending Champ’ Ulsan is showing potential as a ‘champion candidate’ with a record of 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 10 league games. Just as they trailed 0-1 in the last match against Gwangju and then won 2-1 with Bako and Joo Min-gyu’s consecutive shots just before the end of the second half, there is an internal atmosphere that they can turn over someday even if they fall behind.

Ulsan leads last season with 2 wins and 1 draw. At that time, Ulsan scored a total of 8 goals against Daegu. On the other hand, Daegu only scored 2 goals. With Daegu recently accumulating points with a suffocating defense, attention is focused on whether they will be able to block the Ulsan attack, which ranks second in team scoring (19 goals).

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