Advice from ex-All-Star guard: “GSW should sign Jaylen Brown”

Arenas gave advice to his former team.

Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas recently appeared on his own podcast, ‘No Chill with Gilbert Arenas’. He spoke about the upcoming offseason move of the Golden State Warriors.

Defending champion Golden State went straight to the playoffs this season as the 6th seed. In the first round, he completed the upset by recording a series record of 4-3 against the 3rd seed Sacramento Kings. But the good mood didn’t last long.

The opponent for the second round is the 7th seed LA Lakers. Golden State fell to the Lakers with a 2-4 record in the series and failed to win back-to-back.

There are many predictions about Golden State’s off-season movement due to the results that are more disappointing than expected. Arenas, who started his NBA career in a Golden State uniform, also offered advice about their future.

Arenas said, “Golden State needs to acquire a player who can make Stephen Curry a complete player. Kevin Durant wouldn’t be talking about this if he were at Golden State.”

However, Golden State is already a team that is paying a hefty luxury tax. Next season, too, the luxury tax bomb cannot be avoided. In order for them to recruit competitive players, they should actively consider the trade of Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, who are taking up a lot of salaries.

“We have to see if we can trade Jordan Poole and try to find a more stable player. Poole’s performance is erratic,” explained Arenas.

The player he picked was Jalen Brown of the Boston Celtics. Brown, who plays as Boston’s one-two puncher with Jayson Tatum, proved his worth by being selected to the NBA’s second team this season.

“If I were a Golden State guy, I’d be looking at Jaylen Brown for Poole and Andrew Wiggins,” Arenas said.

He also noticed Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets. Although he has weaknesses such as lack of shooting ability and frequent injuries, Simmons is a player who can play a role similar to Draymond Green.

“The luxury tax burden could be relieved by bringing in Ben Simmons instead of re-signing Draymond Green,” Arenas explained. “There are a lot of options that could happen. It all depends on Golden State’s mindset.”메이저사이트

Recruiting Brown is not easy with a trade package centered on devalued pools. Simmons also has a good salary. In other words, it is unlikely that Arenas’ advice will become a reality.

However, it is self-evident that attention is focused on what choice Golden State will make.

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