A woman left a message “Why” on 112… Found dead 17 hours later

A man and woman in their 40s were found dead in a multi-family home in Seoul. After receiving a report from the deceased woman’s cell phone, the police launched a search, but were unable to find her, and her body was discovered 17 hours later.

This is reporter Kim Ji-yoon.


Paramedics and police arrive.

Paramedics go in and out with stretchers.

At 8:55 pm on the 28th, a man and woman in their 스포츠토토40s were found dead in a multi-family home in Mia-dong, Seoul.

[Cho Mi-young/Neighborhood resident: I was trying to open the door when it started banging, but it took a long time before it opened.] The

police had been searching the surrounding area since early morning that day.

This is because a 112 call came in from a woman’s cell phone around 3:40 a.m.

She said the woman only said “Why” in a low voice.

And then the phone turned off.

The police began tracking the location, but were unable to determine the exact address due to the concentration of multi-family homes.

The woman’s family lived at the address where the cell phone was registered.

The family, who had little contact with the woman, told the police at the time that they did not know where the woman lived.

And a few hours later, I went back to my memory and went to where the woman lived.

The deceased woman’s brother climbed her ladder to the second floor window after the door to her house was locked.

She found the woman collapsed through the window and called 911.

When found, the woman’s hands were tied with duct tape.

It is also known that her face showed signs of being assaulted.

A police official said, “There were traces of lighting a lightning bomb inside the house.”

Police are investigating the possibility of homicide.

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