A precious gift to Laos players… 

On the 25th, I finished all the training and came home, but there were two large packages in front of my house. When I opened something, it contained 20 aluminum bats, which are essential for Laos players.

These days, in Laos, there is a baseball boom among young players and young students, and they come to the baseball center saying they want to play baseball. I’ve written before, but the university, high school, and middle school principal and university president in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, come directly to the baseball center to teach baseball to his school students.메이저놀이터

In particular, Laos International School has a lot of interest in baseball, so it has invited Laos national players several times to demonstrate. Because they have already seen advanced baseball, they know very well what kind of sport baseball is and how it affects students.

A baseball team will be founded in Luang Prabang in September. Director Son Sa-rang has already been appointed and dispatched to Lurang Prabang. Even now, while attending college and high school diligently, he is recruiting young players. In addition, the president of the Laos Baseball Association Kampai has been the president of Luang Prabang University for a long time, and each university is actively cooperating with baseball.

I believe that the baseball bat I received this time will be a very precious and precious gift to them. CEO Baek Hae-soo, who lives in Daegu, loves baseball so much that he started making baseball bats while doing other businesses. He gave Laos a baseball bat as a gift every year. This time, he presented 20 bats saying that he had succeeded in developing a good aluminum bat.

I am grateful to receive such a precious gift for players who are just starting out in baseball. I look forward to the boom of baseball with Laos power due to this bat.

Lee Man-soo, former SK coach · Chairman of the Hulk Foundation

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