‘A life resembling a rebound’ Lee Seok-min, “I tried to become Heo-hoon”

“I was thinking about how to be like Heo Hoon, and I put a lot of effort into becoming like Heo Hoon.”

The movie ‘Rebound’ is being screened. Rebound tells the true story of Busan Joongang High School, which finished runner-up with only six players in the 2012 Association Long National Basketball Championship. In the movie, it is evaluated that it reproduced 2012 almost perfectly. If you are a basketball fan, players from the opposing team that you are familiar with will also appear here. Heo Hoon is the most representative player among them.

Heo Hoon, who is currently serving military service in the Armed Forces Sports Unit, was selected as the regular league MVP for the 2019-2020 season, and is a player who split popularity with his older brother Heo Woong. Heo Hoon appeared as a player at Yongsan High School, who faced Busan Jungang High School twice.

Heo Hoon is played by Lee Seok-min. Lee Seok-min entered Chung-Ang University after graduating from Jemulpo High School, and transferred to Myongji University in his third year and played an active part. He was not nominated in the 2021 KBL Rookie Draft.

In a phone call on the 17th, when asked why he appeared in the movie, Seok-min Lee said, “I was having a hard time because I couldn’t go to the pro. Actor Kim Taek (playing Hong Soon-gyu), who was a classmate at Chung-Ang University, contacted me. During the preparation stage, the actors practiced basketball extremely hard. I also practiced breathing together and stayed close to the actors,” he said. He looked at me so well on the set that he offered me a casting for the role of Heo Hoon. I was so grateful that I said, ‘I can do it,’ and I participated.”

It seems that he put a lot of effort into reproducing Heo Hoon’s play.

Lee Seok-min said, “When I was playing basketball, I took Heo Hoon as a role model among Korean players. He wasn’t without a burden. Heo Hoon is a big star, but I was in charge of his high school days, so I worried a lot about what to do if I couldn’t reproduce a real person.” I acted,” he told the filming process.

He continued, “It was comfortable to follow the sum of basketball or something like that because it was basketball. It was comfortable to match that sum, but it was different between me playing basketball and Heo Hoon playing basketball,” he said. For example, each player has different characteristics, like there are players who feel good even after scoring a goal or prepare for the next one. He added, “I was thinking about how to be like Heo Hoon, and I put a lot of effort into becoming like Heo Hoon.”

The basketball scene in the movie is realistically expressed well.

Lee Seok-min said, “Directing the thrilling game scene is thanks to the hard work of the production team and Chosun University coach Jang Woo-nyeong.” I didn’t do anything in the process. The staff organized it well. Based on that, I thought it didn’t fit well because I expressed it with what I researched, and the other actors were also full of passion.”

When asked how the basketball game scene was filmed, Lee Seok-min said, “I only played the Yongsan High school game. He didn’t participate in other games, so I don’t know, but I shot it as if Yongsan High School and Busan Jungang High School were playing. As other actors talked about in interviews, they did not hang up after the specified sum. After that, I continued to play basketball until the situation,” he said. Even when I watched the movie, it wasn’t just that the sum came out, but there were a lot of parts that were played like a real game. It was definitely not a combination, but the body bumping like a real game, and the shooting full of fighting seems to be the element that feels the thrill in the movie.”

When asked if he knew the story of Busan Joongang High School at the time, Lee Seok-min said, “I remember being a first-year middle school student at the time. He knew that Busan Jungang High School and Yongsan High School would face each other in the final. I was young, so I didn’t know the inside story,” he said. “The coach told me to watch how well Heo Hoon hyung did, so I watched the video.”

How did you see yourself playing a basketball player who was not a basketball player?

Lee Seok-min said, “When I first saw the movie, there was something sad about it. The basketball scene was in the movie, so it reminded me of my days playing basketball in middle and high school. Wouldn’t that be part of the excitement? It’s not that I regret quitting basketball, I was like that, but there were memories, nostalgia, and emotions that I could feel because I was a basketball player.”

Lee Seok-min, who was only immersed in basketball, said, “I will continue to move forward with my dream of becoming an actor while studying his acting. He had nothing but basketball in his life. I didn’t have a job that I felt very attractive to try something else, but it was so attractive and fun to communicate on the set. He started studying acting from then on. I am still in progress, and I plan to challenge myself in the future,” he said. “If I like my personality, I will challenge myself. Even when he quit basketball at Chung-Ang University, he found a way to continue playing basketball and transferred to Myongji University. To others, it can be a reckless challenge, and it requires a great deal of determination. I don’t regret challenging what I like,” he dreamed of an actor’s life in the future.

Rebounding is catching the shot when it doesn’t go in. Grabbing the rebound gives you another chance to shoot.토토사이트 Lee Seok-min’s life may also resemble a rebound. He experienced setbacks as a basketball player, but because he was a basketball player, he was given another chance at life.

“Actually, what really suits me is that I failed because I couldn’t go pro in basketball. While working on this rebound, I felt another charm and pleasure, and I had a dream. He can fit everything together, but he opened a new path after he failed to become a professional player. It is a rebound that made me able to rebound, so I am grateful to the director, staff, actors, and seniors.”

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