7th game already… There is no ‘starter’ in Samsung

‘I’m still alive… .’

It’s already been 7 games, Samsung has no ‘starter win’. It is the only one out of 10 teams. As of the 10th, all 2 wins (5 losses) are salvation wins. In the case of the lowest ranked Hanwha, it only has one win, but the only victory is Moon Dong-joo’s starter win. Pitchers, especially starting pitchers, are one of the criteria for evaluating each team’s strength. There are various factors that determine victory, but it is inevitably a matter of concern that the starting lineup does not continue to come out. This is because it means that the operation of the game is not smooth. The ranking has dropped to 9th place.

The condition is not perfect. The average ERA of Samsung starters is 6.69, the highest in the league. Except for Samsung during this period, there is no 5 point range, let alone 6 point range. Even compared to the bullpen (3.62), the gap is significant. Especially the first rotation was difficult. Foreigner one-two punch David Buchanan and Albert Suarez each gave up 4 runs in 5 innings and 6 runs in 3 innings respectively. The situation is not much different for the local starters. Won Tae-in (5 innings, 3 runs) and Yang Chang-seop (5 innings, 5 runs) also had a hard time solving the game, and Baek Jeong-hyun collapsed with 2 innings and 5 runs.

Fortunately, I am slowly finding my place. Buchanan and Suarez showed improved pitching in the second appearance, allowing 1 run in 8 innings and 2 runs in 7 innings. It is not that there were no hardships, but the unique crisis management ability was at the forefront, and the loss was minimized. The problem is that it is still not accelerating.메이저사이트 For two days in a row, the starters struggled by writing Quality Start Plus (QS+, 7 innings or more and 3 ERA or less), but failed to establish a relationship with victory. When the aces come out, you can’t win, so the losing streak gets longer.

Ahead of this season, Samsung was evaluated as a relatively inferior power. This is because he did not show much movement in the last stove league. That’s how hard I was, and I was sweating even more. The term ‘hell training’ came out during the spring camp. It was the only one in the exhibition game to post 10 wins (4 losses) and was ranked in the top ranks. But in this game, it’s seldom fast enough. Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “(The players) are working hard, but the atmosphere is a bit depressed because the game is not going well.”

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