36.8% correct answer rate, EBS linkage ‘killer question’?… SAT difficulty level ‘in the fog’

While the Ministry of Education disclosed the case of the 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) June mock evaluation (Mopyeong) and the last 3 years of the CSAT killer questions (ultra-difficulty questions), confusion in the field is increasing. it looks like Analysts say that predicting the difficulty of this year’s college entrance exam has become particularly difficult.

The Ministry of Education released an analysis on the 26th that a total of 8 killer questions were presented in the June Mopyeong for the 2024 CSAT. I saw that a total of 18 questions were presented in the three-year CSAT for the 2021-2023 school year.

School sites and the admissions industry believe that questions known as killer questions have been presented to examinees from before. However, the response is that the detailed standards are ambiguous.

Among the killer questions presented by the Ministry of Education, the question with the lowest correct answer rate based on EBSi was math number 22 for the 2023 academic year, which was 2.9%. The highest correct answer rate was Mopyeong Korean No. 33 in June 2024, recording 36.8%.

Even though it is the same killer question, there is a difference of 33.9%p between the correct answers. As the Korean language area is 5 multiple choice, it is pointed out that even if the correct answer rate for most questions exceeds 20%, 36.8% is unreasonable to be classified as a killer question.

In this regard, an official from the Ministry of Education said, “The correct and incorrect answer rates were only for reference, but they did not classify killer questions based on them.” .

It is also pointed out that the Ministry 스포츠토토of Education’s classification of ‘killer questions that were presented outside the curriculum’ contradicts the principle of ‘compliance with the curriculum’ that the authorities have been insisting on. Until now, the Ministry of Education and the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation have disclosed the ‘curriculum grounds’ after the CSAT every year, specifying that the questions were presented within the curriculum.

An official in the education industry pointed out, “In the meantime, the setting authorities have been presenting questions that fit the curriculum and achievement standards, and they have presented evidence every time, but they have overturned it.”

On the other hand , there are also voices that institutional improvement is needed for the inclusion of questions related to EBS textbooks as killer questions. According to the analysis of E2Edu, EBS- linked works were used in Mopyeong Korean No. 33 literature passage in June. Questions 15 and 17 of the 2023 CSAT were also linked to the EBS textbook sanctions.

A former high school Korean teacher said, ” There is a perception that linking with EBS is, of course, okay, but this is just a linking at the policy level. It is difficult to judge that all questions or texts of EBS are necessarily suitable for high school level. ” Considering it, it can be said to be a killer question.”

Some predict that it will become more difficult to predict the difficulty of this year’s college entrance exam as the education authorities present killer questions.

Lim Seong-ho, CEO of Jongno Academy, said, “The killer questions were questions that were asked to distinguish the top ranks, but it is not disclosed how many percent of the top-ranked students got the problem right.” It’s close to impossible,” he said.

Regarding this, an official from the Ministry of Education said, “There will be no significant changes from the current CSAT,” and added, “If twisting the problem or combining several achievement standards is excluded, the rest of the questions will be prepared as usual. In the mock evaluation in September, I think I can guess,” he explained.

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