‘224cm basketball monster’ Wembanyama major league first pitch, result ‘blowball’

‘Baseball is difficult!’

It seems that baseball was difficult even for the ‘basketball monster’ that the world is paying attention to. Victor Wembanyama (19, France) started as the first pitcher in the major leagues of American professional baseball, but recorded a ‘blowball’ that completely escaped the strike zone.

On the 21st (Korean time),스포츠토토 Wenbanyama threw the first pitch in the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners game held at Yankee Stadium in New York, USA. Boasting a height of 7 feet 4 inches (about 224 cm) and a wingspan of 8 feet (about 243 cm), he also performed a baseball juggling stunt during practice. MLB.com expressed surprise, saying, “The baseball held by Wembanyama looked like a ping-pong ball.”

He boasts great basketball skills, but baseball was never easy. Wearing a Yankees uniform and climbing the mound, Wembanyama threw the ball vigorously, but the catcher was unable to catch it. Unlike basketball, his sloppy form and no control at all made people laugh. As if he wasn’t satisfied with the result himself, he spread his arms out to show his embarrassment.

Wembanyama recorded an average of 21.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 3.1 blocks in the 2022-2023 season as a member of Pro A (French League) Metropolitan 92. On the 25th, he will attend the 2023 NBA draft held at the Barclays Center in New York, USA. 1 overall pick by the San Antonio Spurs. He is preparing for his debut, drawing attention as a star that will shake the entire NBA game.

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