“16 million views. Does this make sense?”

Recently, a 4-minute and 25-second video titled ‘The truth of Fukushima polluted water told by top experts in Korea’ was uploaded on the ‘Korean Government’ YouTube channel.

“Fukushima-contaminated water is purified by a facility called ‘Alps’. At this stage, most of the 62 radioactive substances are reduced below the standard.”

It is predicted that ‘contaminated water’ will be discharged as ‘treated water’, and that tritium, which is a problem, will be diluted below the standard value if it goes according to plan.

“But even if it does come, experts analyze that tritium is completely diluted and is the same as regular sea water.”

None of the experts in the video warn of the dangers of contaminated water.

[Jeong Yong-hoon/Professor of Nuclear Engineering at KAIST]
“You don’t have to worry at all that ‘(if the스포츠토토 contaminated water is released) there will be health problems’.”

Initially, it was known that this video was produced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, but it turned out that it was actually led by the President’s Office.

It is said that the Presidential Office budget of 38 million won was invested and the production company was selected.

The President’s Office produced a video that seemed to advocate for the discharge of contaminated water in Japan, but it was pointed out that “Why do we do things with our taxes that should be done with the money of the Japanese government?”

Even the People’s Power leadership responded that it was not appropriate for the President’s office to directly invest the budget.

“Don’t you hear that the damage to fishermen is great? I think I wanted to talk about the objective facts, but I think that there might have been another system that could do something, rather than using the budget of the President’s Office.”

Even with the number of views, controversy is brewing.

The video was less than two months old, and it has easily exceeded 16 million views.

There are many videos uploaded at the same time as well as other videos related to contaminated water that do not exceed 1,000 views, but only that video showed a record number of views.

[Chin Joong-kwon/Professor of Kwangwoon University ( CBS Radio ‘Park Jae-hong’s bout’)]
“Think about it. No, are they BTS or Blackpink? If you do, the president’s office is like BTS or Blackpink.”

Cheol-min Jang, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, also appeared on YTN and expressed his uncertain position, saying, “It took a year for singer Lim Young-woong’s music video to go 16 million times.”

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