Zelensky dismisses Defense Minister after 19 months of Russian war… “A new approach is needed”

U.S. broadcasters CNN and CBS reported that Ukrainian메이저놀이터 President Volodymyr Zelensky will fire Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov after 19 months of war with Russia .

According to reports, President Zelenskyy said in a video speech that day, “I have decided to replace the Minister of Defense.”

President Zelensky said, “Defense Minister Reznikov has experienced more than 550 days of all-out war,” and added, “We need a new approach from the Ministry of Defense to the military and society as a whole.”

President Zelenskyy nominated Rustem Urelov, head of the National Property Fund, as the new Minister of Defense. President Zelenskyy said, “We expect the Ukrainian parliament to approve this this week.” The Associated

Press reported that Governor Umerov had previously been involved in the exchange of prisoners of war and political prisoners and the evacuation of civilians from occupied areas . Meanwhile, Reznikov, who served as Minister of Defense, contributed to attracting Western military support for Russia’s war, but was embroiled in suspicions of corruption in January of this year.

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