YouTuber who shouted “Rescue salt farm slaves”… was sued by a resident

A YouTuber who visited Shinan, Jeollanam-do and uploaded a video raising suspicions, saying he would reveal the truth about salt farm slavery, was accused by local residents and is being investigated by the police.

Jeonnam Shinan Police Station announced on the 22nd that it is investigating YouTuber A by booking him on charges of defamation.

It is known that many Shinan-gun residents메이저놀이터 filed a complaint against Mr. A to the police, saying, “The reputation of local residents was damaged by a YouTube video containing false facts.”

When Mr. A, who had been booked as a criminal, failed to appear, the police obtained an arrest warrant from the court, secured Mr. A’s identity, and began the investigation. The court dismissed the arrest warrant requested by the police on the grounds that there was no risk of escape.

Since July 13th, Mr. A has produced six videos related to salt farm slavery set in Shinan, Jeollanam-do and uploaded them to YouTube. The video contains content such as that the residents of Sinui Island were wary of them and avoided conversation when the story of the salt farm was brought up. The thumbnail attached to the video also reads: ▲Rescue salt farm slaves ▲The reality of the Shinan cartel?! It consists of ▲ Evidence of the Shinan Cartel ▲ Shinan Secret Village ▲ Shinan Coming Final Chapter ▲ Shinan Sinuido Final Chapter.

After being accused, Mr. A announced the progress of the investigation through his YouTube channel and asked subscribers to participate in signing the petition. Regarding his failure to respond to the police investigation, he explained that because he was staying at the Daegu office, he could not confirm the attendance request form sent to his residence in Busan.

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