“You know who I am”… Seoi-cho malignant power abuse parents, find out their job

Since it was known that Mr. A, a first-year homeroom teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul, made an extreme choice, there have been reports of serious ‘gap-jil’ by parents in Seoi-cho. The police plan to investigate all Seoi-cho teachers.

According to data collected by the Seoul Teachers’ Union on the 21st from teachers who have worked or are currently working in Seoi-cho for the past 2-3 years, after a student in class A drew a pencil on the forehead of a student in the back seat, the parents of the perpetrator or victim reportedly made dozens of phone calls on Mr. A’s personal cell phone. In connection with this incident, there were also testimonies that parents came to the classroom and verbally abused Mr. A, such as “How do you take care of children?” and “You are not qualified as a teacher.”

According to a teacher who testified that parents made dozens of phone calls, Mr. A said, “I have never given out my cell phone number, nor have I given it to the school office, so I don’t know how he got my number and called. It’s creepy. I will have to change my cell phone number after vacation.” Also, in Mr. A’s class, there was a student who shouted in class, ‘It’s because of the teacher’, and Mr. A was known to be distressed, saying, “I think I hear the student’s hallucinations when I go to work.” In 2023, she was not in the same grade as Mr. A, but another teacher who worked with him also testified that “Mr. A had a hard time because there was a student who behaved aggressively in the class of the deceased.”

Some teachers of Seoi Elementary School claimed that most of the teachers had a very difficult time working due to malicious complaints from parents. A teacher who was in charge of school violence in Seoi-cho for the past 2 to 3 years said that in the process of handling the school violence case, a parent said, ‘I’m ○○’s father, do you know what I’m doing? ‘I’m a lawyer!’, she said. He said, “The level of civil complaints in Seoi-cho is beyond imagination,” and “most of the parents involved in complaints of school violence were lawyers.”

Seocho-gu is an area with many lawyers as it is바카라사이트 home to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the Seoul High Court, and the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. Since 2012, as the record of disposition of school violence has been required to be recorded in the student record book, and the influence on admissions has increased, the deliberation of the school violence committee is increasingly spreading to litigation. Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon visited Seoi-cho on the same day, laid a wreath at a temporary memorial space, and said, “We will verify the facts about the complaints (suspicions) raised by some parents.”

The police plan to conduct a full investigation of Seoi-cho teachers to determine the authenticity of the allegations raised by the union. The Seocho Police Station announced on the 21st that it would investigate all 60 teachers, including the principal and vice principal of the school where the deceased teacher A worked, as witnesses. While the union did not disclose to the police who the fellow teachers were who gave these testimonies, the police decided to investigate all the teachers at the school to confirm the facts. The police requested a list of teachers from the school and are continuing the investigation against Mr. A’s bereaved family and people around him.

Meanwhile, regarding the case of a public elementary school teacher in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, who was assaulted by a 6th grade student, the school requested the Office of Education to report the student to the investigative agency. The Office of Education plans to review the complaint and support for litigation expenses in the near future. The school held a committee for the protection of teaching rights earlier, judged the issue as an infringement on educational activities, and decided to transfer students and receive 12 hours of special education.

It was deliberated and decided that parents should receive 5 hours of special education. The School Teacher Rights Protection Committee decided to support the victim teachers with five days of special leave, psychological counseling, treatment/convalescence, and application for irregular transfer when necessary. The Office of Education plans to support the victims with medical expenses, psychological counseling, and legal advice.

Teachers across the country have announced a memorial service and rally in front of Bosingak, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 22nd.

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