Win, win, lose. I lost twice on the day of the 5 billion FA substitute selection. The worry of the champion who rose to No. 1. Saturday’s Lotte match?

The LG Twins recorded four wins and two losses last week. It lost in the game against the Kiwoom Heroes in Jamsil on Wednesday, and after winning four consecutive games, it lost in the game against the Suwon KT Wiz again on Wednesday.

Coincidentally, Lim Chan-gyu was supposed to take the mound in the two games that he lost, but he was selected as a substitute due to back muscle pain. While preparing to take the mound, Lim stopped training due to back discomfort on Tuesday and canceled his participation on Tuesday. According to a detailed examination on Thursday, he was diagnosed with back muscle pain but was excluded from the entry of the first team to take rest. 메이저사이트
Lee Deum, who joined the first team as a long relief pitcher, was selected as the starting pitcher due to sudden pain in the match against Kiwoom on Sunday. Lee got the opportunity because he started in the second team. He will start in his first game as a starting pitcher.

Regarding Lee Im-deum, a right-handed side-arm pitcher who graduated from Gangneung Yeongdong University and joined the team with the 37th place in the second round of the 2021 second round, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop hoped to hold on, saying, “I have good control and good change-up,” but it was too much of a wish for a freshman who threw in the first division.

He allowed only one run in the top of the first inning, but allowed six runs in the top of the second inning in large numbers. As it was Tuesday, the beginning of the week, he was not able to field a bullpen session, allowing Lee to throw through the fourth inning. Fortunately, Lee overcame a crisis and finished the game without losing a point in the third and fourth innings. He threw 96 pitches during four innings, and became a losing pitcher by allowing 11 hits and seven runs. His batting lineup was also blocked by opponent team starter Enmanuel de Jesus, and he ended up losing the game 3-1. His performance that he swept against Doosan in three consecutive games over the weekend has stopped.

However, he has won four consecutive games since then, and overtook the KIA Tigers to rank No. 1. Unfortunately, however, on the day when another substitute starter was appointed, he tasted the bitter taste of defeat again.

At a game against KT on Sunday, Lee Woo-chan took the mound. Among the starting pitchers in the second division, Lee decided that he has not displayed enough speed to display competitiveness in the first division, so he left the starting pitcher to Lee Woo-chan, who is currently coordinating in the second division. This does not mean that he will throw five innings as a starting pitcher, but he intends to block only three innings as long as he can block well as bullpen pitchers.

However, as Lee Woo-chan collapsed in the bottom of the first inning, the game became difficult. He garnered one out count, gave two hits, and three walks, and quickly posted Kim Dae-hyeon as the team failed to secure a win, but it was not easy to block KT’s batters afterwards as well. Moreover, the batters failed to target the opponent team’s starting pitcher Benjamin at all. 0-8. LG lasted eight innings with six pitchers including Lee Woo-chan, Kim Dae-hyeon, Lee Ji-gang, Jung Ji-hun, Woo Kang-hun, and Kim Jin-su, and lost 2-11.

Lim will take the mound next Tuesday at a game against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil. It is still unclear whether he will be able to take the mound. “I think I will have to throw a ball to see if I can take the mound,” Yeom said. If he is in good physical condition, Lim will take the mound, but if he needs more rest, he will have to come out with another alternative starter.

LG has recently ranked first due to its revived batting lineup and starting baseball. In the process of 13 wins and three losses, LG has as many as 11 starting pitchers. N.S. and Son have three wins, Kelly and Lim Chan-kyu have two, and Choi Won-tae has one win. This means that the team is moving very stably. However, suddenly Lim Chan-kyu is out due to injury and there is no sixth starter to fill the gap, which puts him in trouble.

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