“When you come, just use 3 fingers”… PSG fans warn against transfer rumors of Serbian ‘tall FW’ → Why?

 When some PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) fans heard that Doosan Blahovic (Juventus) could be recruited, they issued a bloody warning.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported on the 17th (Korean time), “When PSG Ultras heard the rumor of a transfer to Vlahovic, they made a hook and sent a message saying, ‘If I come to Paris, I will cut off three of your fingers’.”

PSG is looking for a number 9 striker to play between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe in this 2023 summer transfer market. Many central strikers have been linked with PSG, but recently, Blahovic, who has an unstable position in Juventus, has emerged as PSG’s next number 9 striker.

Born in 2000, Serbian striker Vlahović was considered a promising striker, scoring 49 goals and 8 assists in 108 appearances for Fiorentina at a young age before joining Juventus. In particular, before transferring to Juventus in January 2022, he showed off his tremendous scoring power by scoring 20 goals in 24 games during the first half of the 2021/22 season.

Juventus, who appreciated Blahovic’s performance and potential, spent a large sum of 81.6 million euros (approximately 115.9 billion won) during the winter transfer market in January 2022 to recruit Blahovic.

Standing 190 cm tall and with impressive quick feet and kicking power스포츠토토, Blahovic joined Juventus with high expectations, but was unable to match the transfer fee due to injuries and sluggish performance. He scored only 10 goals in the league last season.

As Juventus showed sluggish results despite being recruited for a large amount, Juventus considered sending Blahovic if a satisfactory offer came, and PSG, who was looking for a number 9 striker, approached Juventus.

French media ‘Leten Sports’ said on the 15th, “PSG is aiming for a transfer worth 80 million euros (approximately 114.3 billion won).” “It has been said.

While PSG, which already brought in six players including Lee Kang-in in the transfer market this summer, is trying to embrace world-class striker Blahovic, surprisingly, PSG fans openly opposed the signing.

According to ‘Marca’, some fans issued a fierce warning by hanging a hanging with a sign saying “If you come to Paris, we will cut off three of your fingers” in front of the Parc des Princes, PSG’s home stadium.

As for the reason for the fans’ actions, ‘Marka’ said, “This message came after Vlahović played the Serbian national team in the past, wearing a T-shirt with Kosovo painted as Serbia’s territory and ‘three fingers’ symbolizing Serbia’s victory. It was because of the pose,” he explained.

Kosovo and Serbia are in conflict with each other. In 1998, when Albanian rebels demanded independence from Kosovo, which was part of Serbia, an indiscriminate massacre took place. 

The Republic of Kosovo, where Albanians make up 94% of the population, declared independence in 2008, but Serbia has not yet recognized it. That’s why PSG fans opposed the signing of Vlahovic, which does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, just like Serbia.

Sometimes Albanian soccer players have attracted attention by holding ceremonies in support of Kosovo’s independence. In 2018, Zherdan Shaqiri, a member of the Swiss national team and inherited Albanian descent from his parents, became a hot topic after scoring a goal in an A match against Serbia and performing a ceremony reminiscent of the “double-headed eagle” depicted on the Albanian flag.

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