What Happened 30 Minutes After I Left My Bag with 48 Million Won in Cash and SRT

The story of a flight attendant and a station employee who found and returned 48 million won that a customer had forgotten to leave behind was told스포츠토토.

According to Suseo High-Speed ​​Railroad ( SRT ) operator SR , crew member Kang Seung-bin, who was inspecting the SRT 614 train that arrived at Suseo Station at 5:36 pm on the 7th, found an abandoned bag and handed it over to the station’s lost and found center.

Upon receiving the bag, station attendant Choi Hyun-chan found that there was a wallet and 48 million won in cash inside the bag.

Station clerk Choi, who was looking for the contact information to find the owner of the bag, found the owner’s contact number on the laundry receipt and contacted him immediately.

About 30 minutes later, around 6:00 pm, the owner of the bag, who visited Suseo Station, said, “Thank you so much for contacting me so quickly and helping me find the bag.”

Station staff Choi and attendant Kang said, “I just did what I had to do, thinking about the feelings of customers who lost a lot of money and were anxious.”

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