Wearing a miniskirt and high heels at full term… Rihanna, this time in a breastfeeding bra

Hollywood star Rihanna introduced breastfeeding underwear through her own brand.

Foreign media such as CNN and fashion magazines such as Vogue reported on the 9th (local time) that Rihanna, ‘the world’s most stylish mother’, is breaking the stereotype of ‘pregnant woman style’ by launching a new product line for pregnant women.

Rihanna gave birth to her first child with rapper A. Sep. Rocky last year, and she is now pregnant with her second. Even while pregnant and giving birth, she has been showing unconventional fashion, and even though she was pregnant last year, she attended a red 메이저놀이터carpet event wearing a mini skirt and high heels to reveal her belly.

Her maternity bralette was launched on the same day by Rihanna through her 2018 launch of her underwear brand , Savage×Fenty . Savage X Fenty introduced that it was designed with new mothers and prospective mothers in mind, and features an adjustable front strap and a set of breastfeeding clasps. It is a design that allows you to hold your baby with one hand and breastfeed right away.

Rihanna said of her breastfeeding bralettes, “Our goal with our new maternity underwear is to bring confidence and comfort to mothers throughout the process. I want to remind people that they are people,” he said of the planning intention.

Along with this, she posted a picture of herself wearing a breastfeeding bralette and smiling brightly while holding her first son, RZA .

Rihanna is considered a global pop star and businesswoman. Last year she was even ranked number 21 on Forbes’ list of America’s 100 richest self-made women. Rihanna has been named to that list for the third year in a row, making her the only businesswoman under the age of 40 to make the list. Savage X Fenty, launched in 2018 by Rihanna in partnership with LVMH, a world-renowned fashion group that houses Louis Vuitton, was created by taking her family name, ‘Fenty’, from her own full name ‘Robin Rihanna Fenty

‘ . She drew attention with the distinction that women of various races and body types could wear it. In March 2020, Bloomberg estimated Savage X Fenty to be worth $3 billion.

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