Typhoon ‘Kanun’ penetrating the inland…500mm heavy rain, 40㎧ storm

Typhoon No. 6 ‘Kanun’ is expected to스포츠토토 pass through Korea on Thursday.

Heavy rain of up to 500 mm and strong winds exceeding 40 m per second are predicted, causing great damage.

This is reporter Jung Hye-yoon’s report.

A typhoon that has turned north is heading toward the sea west of Kyushu, Japan.

Near the center, the power of strong typhoons is maintained, with storms that can cause trains to topple over and wooden buildings to collapse.

Typhoon ‘Kanun’ will go north to the southern coast of Korea without landing in Japan.

On Thursday morning, the typhoon that landed on the Gyeongnam coast is expected to penetrate the interior from north to south and head north to North Korea.

[Park Joong-hwan / Meteorological Administration Forecast Analyst: Typhoon Kanun No. 6 landed on the Gyeongsang coast on the morning of the 10th and is expected to affect the entire Korean peninsula by the 11th, so preparations are needed to prevent damage.] Therefore, on Wednesday night, Jeju Island and the southern

coast Starting on Thursday, the whole country will be directly affected by the typhoon.

As typhoon warnings are issued across the country, strong winds of 15 to 35 m/s are expected to blow, and in particular, storms of up to 40 m/s are expected in Gangwon and Yeongnam, which are on the right side of the typhoon’s course and are in the danger zone.

Heavy rain of up to 500mm or more is expected in Yeongdong and up to 300mm in Yeongnam, so there are concerns about heavy rain damage such as landslides and flooding of rivers.

Heavy rain of up to 100 to 200 mm will also fall in the western inland, including Seoul.

[Woo Jin-gyu / Meteorological Administration notification officer: Due to the dry air sinking to the west and the hot air colliding with it, strong rain may occur in the western region or strong wind belts may blow very strongly in the form of gusts.

] Due to overlapping storm surge concerns, special attention is needed for low-lying areas and safety accidents.

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