“The war against watermelon begins.” The moment it was passed, the gathering hall was filled with sobs and screams.

“Aaaaah” “What should we do?”

Screams and cries erupted from the crowd. I saw people hugging the person next to them and crying, or sitting down and crying.

This was the situation immediately after supporters of Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who occupied the road in front of the National Assembly and staged a sit-in protest on the afternoon of the 21st, heard the news of the passage스포츠토토 of the arrest motion. They said to the Democratic Party members who voted for Representative Lee’s arrest, “We are starting a war against watermelons.” Subak is a derogatory term referring to non-affiliated members of the Democratic Party.

They have been staging a violent protest, occupying six lanes of the road in front of the National Assembly since around 10 a.m. on this day. ‘The Democratic Party can only survive if Lee Jae-myung survives’ ‘BTS’s bullshit. They held up pickets with the phrase ‘Let’s protect Lee Jae-myung’.

The moment the news of Representative Lee’s arrest plan being passed appeared on the large screen they installed in the middle of the road, there was a short silence, and then people began to sob in various places. There were also supporters who swore loudly or threw signs that read ‘Arrest motion rejected’ at the police. The emcee on the podium said this to the crying crowd.

“There is still warrant review, everyone. Let’s trust the court.”

Disappointed people began to leave one by one. A woman who was at the protest site with her two young children received boos from nearby citizens and got into an argument as she left the scene. Female supporters could also be seen sitting down and crying throughout the protest site, unable to leave.

Some radical participants picked up the microphone on the podium and began criticizing the Democratic Party members who had voted for ‘rebellion’. Swearing words like “watermelon, dog bastards ” rang out through the amplifier.

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