The reason for the indiscriminate stabbing… “I wanted to make others unhappy.”

Yesterday (21st), a man in his 30s who committed메이저사이트 a horrific murder with a weapon near Sillim Station in Seoul opened his mouth. During the police investigation, the man was reported to have said, “I live a miserable life, but I wanted to make others unhappy too.”

This is reporter Choi Ji-woo.


Yesterday at around 2:07 pm, a man in his 30s, Mr. Jo, appeared around Sillim Station in Seoul with a weapon.

Killed 4 men and was arrested by the police within 7 minutes.

Mr. Cho stated to the police that he committed the crime full of anger, saying, “I live a miserable life, but I wanted to make others unhappy.” He also said, “I have been to Sillim Station a few times,” and “I knew there were a lot of people, so I decided on the location of the crime.” Mr. Cho ran about 100m at the time of the crime and stabbed men who were walking on the road. One man in his 20s died and three others were seriously injured. The two are still in critical condition. Chrysanthemum flowers are placed in memory of the victims on the street



crime took place .

[Jeong Jeong-sik/Professor of Criminal Psychology at Kyonggi University: Living in the world is not that advantageous to me. Then, did he not try to express his dissatisfaction through attacks on men who were superior to him? ]

The police will apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. Cho today and continue the investigation.

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