“The monk is strange”… It turned out that the ‘wanted man’ hid in the temple

On the 1st, the Ulsan Police Agency announced that they had arrested Mr. A in his 60s who was wanted for theft at a temple in Seongan-dong, Jung-gu around 5:00 pm on the 26th of last month.At around 4:45 pm on the same day, the police received a 112 report saying스포츠토토, “Among the monks in the temple, a wanted car thief is hiding.”The dispatched police blocked the entrance to the temple and searched the building and checked the monks.After persistently questioning Mr. A, who did not properly disclose his personal information, the police confirmed that he was a ‘class A wanted man’ who had an arrest warrant issued for stealing a car.As a result of the investigation, it is known that Mr. A came to the temple pretending to be a monk who came for training about a month ago.The police arrested Mr. A and handed him over to the Ulsan District Prosecutor’s Office.

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