The Korea Football Leaders’ Association expressed frustration, saying, “The domestic leadership is also excellent. Why are you in the second rank after the coach?”

Seol Dong-sik, chairman of the Korea Football Leaders’ Association, lamented the situation in which the domestic leader is on the back burner in the process of appointing a national soccer team coach.

The Korea Football Leaders’ Association held an official launching ceremony at The K Hotel Seoul Crystal Ballroom in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 24th. 룸알바

The Korea Football Leaders’ Association was established with the aim of effectively conveying soccer leaders’ opinions to the Korea Football Association (KFA), and taking the lead in improving the treatment of players and leaders and protecting their rights. On April 9, the Korea Football Leaders’ Association received a permit to establish a corporation from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Seol Dong-sik, chairman of the Korea Football Leaders’ Association, Choi Young-il, vice chairman of KFA, Byun Seok-hwa, chairman of the Korea University Football Federation, and Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC.

On the same day, Chairman Seol Dong-sik said that domestic leaders should be more recognized and used in the field.

“We will become an organization that will take the lead in developing Korean soccer and protecting the rights and interests of players and leaders,” he said. “The KFA’s mission is to cultivate world-class players and foster world-class coaches. But what is the current situation? In Southeast Asia, we offer our full support to our coaches. However, I don’t know why our coaches are not recognized (in Korea).”

“Our achievements such as the third place at the 2012 London Olympics and the second place at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup prove that Korean coaches are excellent,” he said. “As a soccer player, it is regrettable and heartbreaking to see why our leaders have to rank sixth to seventh in the process of appointing a national team coach. It is frustrating to see how long we will have to travel around the world to select a foreign coach.”

This is a message to KFA, which has been struggling to appoint the next coach of the A national team for four months.

The KFA’s national team’s power enhancement committee is in the midst of hiring a new coach after Jurgen Klinsmann was replaced in February. It has been known that nearly 100 candidates have been reviewed with weight on the appointment of foreign leaders, but it is not easy to find a coach that meets the eye level due to financial problems. KFA is facing financial problems due to the construction of the Cheonan Football Center and penalties for former coach Klinsmann and coaches.

The Power Reinforcement Committee, which held private meetings on the 18th and 21st, seems to be turning to a domestic coach, unlike the existing “foreign appointment” stance. It is because it is highly likely that an “unverified” foreign coach will come if the ransom is matched, so it is better to have a domestic coach who can quickly grasp the propensity of the representative players and communicate comfortably. As a result, the domestic leader, who was a subordinate, emerged as a strong candidate.

The domestic leaders, who are currently being considered as final candidates, are said to be Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo and former interim national team coach Kim Do-hoon.

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