The anger of Ulsan fans who lost their head coach in an instant…”Blocking the K-League’s coach back, the tragic choice’s ending is a failure.”

Ulsan HD fans condemned the Korea Football Association for appointing Hong Myung-bo as the coach of the Korean national soccer team.

Ulsan HD Supporters’ Cheoyong Warrior released a statement on its social media on Tuesday, saying, “The KFA failed to come up with a solution and vision, ignoring the demands of soccer fans, and eventually led to the worst situation of blocking the K-League coach from being replaced. We strongly condemn this decision.”
Recently, a new coach has been announced to lead the national team. Hong Myung-bo, who used to lead Ulsan HD, has been mentioned as the next head coach of the national team since Jurgen Klinsmann was sacked in February. Of course, Hong has consistently rejected rumors that he will be appointed as the next head coach of the national team.

Coach Hong even said, “If the Korea Football Association brings someone with more experience and experience and performance than me, my name will not come out naturally. My position is always the same, so fans don’t have to worry.”

In addition, Hong also scolded the KFA for its administration. “Considering the entire process until Jurgen Klinsmann was appointed and what happened thereafter, I would like to ask how well the KFA has learned. If anyone at the KFA has acted for their own personal gain, I hope they will soon come up with another option. Otherwise, there will be no progress,” he said.

Against this backdrop, Hong has suddenly accepted his position as coach of the national team 메이저사이트. “Coach Hong Myung-bo was highly evaluated by the Korean national team’s power enhancement committee. After meeting with two foreign candidates for coach after his business trip to Europe, we decided that the coach did not fit our game model and we were convinced that Hong’s tactics in Ulsan match the national team’s philosophy,” said Lee Im-saeng, general director of the Korea Football Association’s technical headquarters.

Ulsan fans, who lost the coach in an instant, could not understand the decision. Cheoyong said, “Since Klinsmann’s replacement, we have called on the Korea Football Association to provide the exact direction for Korean soccer to move forward and to appoint the next national team coach with convincing principles and standards. It was to represent the demands of soccer fans for ‘normalization of abnormalities’ prevalent in the association amid the current crisis in Korean soccer.”

“However, the Korea Football Association drifted without presenting any solution or vision in defiance of the demands of Cheoyong Warriors and Korean soccer fans, eventually leading to the worst situation of blocking the K-League coach again,” he said.

Cheoyong said, “Today’s decision by the Korea Football Association is a choice that ignores the wishes of Cheoyong and Korean soccer fans, and we strongly condemn this decision that has hurt soccer fans again.”

He added, “It is obvious that the conclusion of this tragic choice by the Korea Football Association will fail, and even if it achieves a paradoxical result, I hope you don’t forget that it is not the association’s credit, but the result of the unilateral sacrifice of K-League fans, including Ulsan HD.”

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