Son Heung-min refuses to take fan selfies… “No iPhone” Why can’t I touch it?

Son Heung-min, who plays for Tottenham in the스포츠토토 English Premier League ( EPL ), is attracting attention with his response to fans’ requests for selfies.

On the 11th, a video was posted on the short-form platform TikTok showing Son Heung-min refusing a fan’s request to take a picture with his iPhone with both hands together. The video was captioned, ‘Son Heung-min can’t hold an iPhone because of his contract.’ A fan with an iPhone operated the device himself and took a photo with Son Heung-min.

In response to a request from a Galaxy fan, Son Heung-min personally operated the fan’s cell phone and took a photo. Thanks to this, the fan was able to take a commemorative photo with Son Heung-min with his number 7 uniform unfolded.

Son Heung-min’s actions appear to be due to his activities as a brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics Galaxy. The Galaxy Watch 6, which was not released at the time, was spotted on the wrist of Son Heung-min, who left the country through Incheon International Airport last July. Afterwards, Samsung Electronics acknowledged that the smartwatch worn by Son Heung-min was the Galaxy Watch 6 and officially announced that Son Heung-min would act as a Galaxy brand ambassador.After becoming a Samsung Galaxy brand ambassador, Son Heung-min has been regularly promoting products through his Instagram account. He said, “When the Galaxy Z Flip first came out, I really wanted it, and from then on, I changed all my smartphones, tablets, and watches to Galaxy,” and added, “It is very convenient because the devices can be linked freely.”

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