Shin Jin-seo was also caught in the middle of the night, ‘Evil Round of 16’… Korea, all of the shocks were eliminated

 The Korean Baduk national team accepted a shocking report card in which all of them were eliminated in the round of 16 for the second consecutive time스포츠토토.

The Korea Kiwon said, “On the 4th, in the round of 16 of the 5th ‘MLILY Dream Lily World Baduk Open’ held at the Sofitel Zhengzhou International Hotel in Henan Province, China, all three players, Shin Jin-seo-Kim Myung-hoon 9th Dan and Park Gun-ho 7th Dan, were eliminated. I did,” he said on the 6th. 

In the round of 16 that day, Shin Jin-seo lost to 9th-dan Li Xuan-hao in 263 moves, Kim Myeong-hun lost to 6th-dan Liu Yuhang in 171 moves, and Park Kun-ho lost to 9th-dan Dan Yifei in 216 moves. All of them suffered the agony of being eliminated.

Korea’s ‘Mongbaekhabbae Sunansa’ is long. In the first tournament in 2013, they all slipped in the round of 16, and in the electric tournament held in 2019, all of them failed to pass the ‘evil round of 16’. 

14 Koreans voted for the finals of this tournament, but on the 3rd, 8 people were eliminated in the round of 64, announcing an unstable start. 

On the other hand, in China, the host country, ‘defending champion’ Mi Yu-ting, 9P, won a ticket to advance to the quarterfinals, and Gu Zihao, Xu Ziyang, Tan Xiao, and Liao Yuanhe, all 9P advanced to the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals, which will be held as a family fight between Chinese players, will be held from December. The final will be held in May of the following year with No. 5. 

The prize money for the winner of this tournament is 1.8 million yuan (about 323 million won), and the runner-up prize money is 600,000 yuan (about 107 million won). 

The time limit is 5 countdowns of 2 hours and 1 minute each from the round of 64 in the finals to the 3rd round of the semifinals, and the 5th round of the final is given 5 countdowns of 3 hours and 1 minute each. 

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