Reports of ‘suspicious parcels’ from overseas all over the country… Beware of unidentified couriers and mail openings

1. Reporting ‘suspicious parcels’ from overseas all over the country…

Unidentified couriers or international mail opening caution

Three people who opened a package suspected of containing gas poison at a welfare facility in Ulsan were transported to the hospital complaining of dizziness스포츠토토. Relevant authorities ask that you do not open the package if the source is unknown or if it is delivered overseas that has not been ordered.

2. Weekend monsoon rain continues across the country…

As many as 100mm of torrential rain poured down,

2,200 people who were affected by the recent heavy rains across the country have not yet been able to return home. However, the Korea Meteorological Administration has issued a forecast for monsoon rain again this weekend. From the 22nd to the 24th, it rains as much as 100mm, and it is said that there are times when torrential rains also pour depending on the region. In particular, as of now, it seems highly likely that this rain will not be the last monsoon rain.

3. The late Corporal Chae Su-geun of the Marine Corps was awarded the Patriot Medal…

On the 22nd, the

late Corporal Chae Su-geun, who died while searching for the missing person in the National Daejeon National Cemetery, was placed in an early hoisting torrential rain. On the 21st, the commander of the Marine Corps delivered the medal to Corporal Chae’s father, who placed the medal in front of his son’s portrait. His funeral will be held on the 22nd at the head of the Marine Corps, and according to the will of his bereaved family, he will be enshrined at the Daejeon National Cemetery. In addition, flags are raised at local veterans’ offices, affiliated public institutions, and national cemeteries across the country.

4. Professional baseball Lee Chun-woong police summoned and investigated… On the 20th, outfielder Lee Chun-woong of the professional baseball LG Twins was summoned by the police on suspicion of illegal Internet gambling with

another person’s account (gambling).

It was revealed that Lee used someone else’s account for internet gambling. Previously, Lee denied the charges until the start of the season in March of this year, but on April 12, he finally admitted to illegal gambling to the club. In response, the club also apologized after excluding Lee from the first team list.

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