“Please choose a name for the twin pandas. What about the candidate… ”

The twin pandas born to Everland’s giant pandas Ai Bao and Le Bao are already approaching their 100th day.

Panda cubs are born prematurely, weighing between 150 and 200 g, and have a low initial survival rate, so they are named around the 100th day after birth, when their health reaches a plateau.

Voting for the name contest for the twin pandas born at Everland Panda World last July began on the 13th. In this first round of voting, you can vote for three candidates once a day through the Everland website until the 20th.

Everland plans to narrow down the name candidates to four and select the final name for the twin pandas through on-site voting at Panda Land and a second round of online and offline voting.

Candidate names for the twin pandas were스포츠토토 narrowed down to 10 ‘○Bao’ considering the characteristics of the ‘Bao family’ names, including father Le Bao, mother Ai Bao, and older sister Fu Bao.

On this day, Everland announced that it had selected 10 names among the names submitted through social media ( SNS ) and other channels and started the first round of voting.

The names chosen are ‘Cheerful’ Bao (Mingbao, Langbao), which means shining brightly, and ‘Tunpang’ Bao (Tunbao, Pangbao), which is used when referring to a chubby baby in Chinese, and means shining brightly. There are 10 types, including ‘Yeonglong’ Bao (Ling Bao, Long Bao).

There are also ‘Mengbao and Wangbao’, which refer to Everland, the land of dreams and hope, and ‘Mingbao and Lingbao’, treasures that shine brightly and beautifully like jade beads.

Meanwhile, pandas have an extremely difficult time getting pregnant and giving birth, and their fertile period is only once a year. It is known that there is usually only one to three days between March and April when a woman can become pregnant.

Accordingly, Everland scientifically analyzed the Aibao couple’s hormonal change data through blood and urine tests, found a time when the probability of successful mating was high, and succeeded in natural mating in mid-February.

The twin baby pandas were born on the 7th at 4:52 a.m. and 6:39 a.m., 1 hour and 47 minutes apart, about an hour after mother Ai Bao began labor.

The older panda weighed 180g and the youngest panda weighed 140g. ‘Eldest sister’ Fu Bao (3 years old), who currently weighs 98 kg, weighed 197 g when she was born in July 2020.

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