Park Joo-ho, who was embarrassed by the news of Hong Myung-bo’s appointment during the announcement of the coach’s appointment process, said, “Is this the right process?”

Amid a flurry of rumors over the appointment of Hong Myung-bo as the new coach of the Korean national soccer team, Park Joo-ho, who served as a member of the Korea Football Association’s (KFA) power reinforcement committee for the past five months, revealed various things in the process of appointment. He also expressed regret over the news of Hong Myung-bo’s appointment during the broadcast.

Park Joo-ho revealed the process of appointing the head coach of the power reinforcement committee through his personal YouTube channel “Captain Pachuho” on the 8th. Park started by saying that he has joined the power reinforcement committee after being contacted by former chairman of the power reinforcement committee Jeong Hae-sung, and revealed all the things that have happened so far.
According to Park, the committee members also recommended candidates for the coach. Park also recommended Hoobeng Amorim (Sporting), Jesse Machi, the current coach of the Canadian national soccer team, and Vasco Seabra. In particular, Park said he recommended the coach the most, adding, “I met him and talked with him because I recommended him in person. I had a relationship with Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), and I also had an interest in Korea. I recommended him while saying that it would be good to show him the details in front of the committee.”

However, Machi eventually became the coach of the Canadian national team after failing to reach a compromise for various reasons, including salary. And Canada succeeded in advancing to the semifinals for the first time in its history at the ongoing 2024 Copa America.

While Park Joo-ho was in the midst of a story, news of Hong Myung-bo’s appointment came out. Upon hearing the news, Park Joo-ho could not hide his regret. It was not about Hong Myung-bo, but about Ulsan HD FC, which lost its manager during the season. “When the association makes some progress, it should also talk to the team and the fans well to proceed smoothly,” Park Joo-ho said. “I think again whether this is the right process.”

In addition, he talked about many disappointing points in the committee. “When selecting a coach by majority vote, I wrote down the reason why coach Lee had to do it. Selection is important, but we had to weigh the pros and cons when selecting a coach, and without such a process, we just used the results in an anonymous vote,” Park said. He also mentioned that internal comments were leaked out in real time. “Information about the contents of the meeting started to circulate all of a sudden, and there were even cases where general fans knew about it,” Park said. “After the meeting, I wanted to convey the process to the fans and reporters, but there were too many speculations. There were also personal opinions added, and it seemed that they wanted to see the public’s reaction through such comments.”

Park finished by expressing his concern about Korean soccer. “I feel so sad and sad about the past five months,” Park said. “I thought I would become a foreign coach, but suddenly I went in a completely different direction. I have said that if this trend is going to continue like this, there is no need for a committee. Now I am convinced. I am worried about Korean soccer.” 노래방알바

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