‘Park Jong-ha 19 points’ Sungkyunkwan University beats Kyunghee University and rises to 5th place

Sungkyunkwan University won a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Kyunghee University and moved up to fifth place.

Sungkyunkwan University won 70-60 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Kyunghee University held at Suseonggwan, Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus on the 8th.

With this victory, Sungkyunkwan University recorded a season record of 6 wins and 6 losses, rising to a win rate of 50%, and tied for 5th place with Konkuk University and Hanyang University. On the contrary, Kyung Hee University, which lost, fell to 8th place with a record of 5 wins and 7 losses.

Park Jong-ha scored 19 points and 4 rebounds, and Won Jun-seok scored 16 points and 11 rebounds, leading Sungkyunkwan University to victory.

Kyung Hee University’s Ahn Se-joon scored 14 points and Kim Seo-won scored 13 points, but they failed to turn the game around again in the third quarter.

From the first quarter, the game was intense. While Kyung Hee University was attacking Ahn Se-jun’s goal, Lee Seung-goo also contributed to the score by winning a free throw with active movement. In response, Sungkyunkwan University continued the seesaw game by counterattacking with Won Jun-seok’s scoring and Min Ki-nam’s mid-range shot. The first quarter ended with Sungkyunkwan University narrowly leading 17-16.

The flow was similar in the second quarter. There was no situation where one side ran away greatly. In the middle of the quarter, Kyung Hee University took the lead by widening the gap with Lee Seung-gu’s 3 consecutive points. Just before the end of the quarter, Kyung Hee University continued its lead with Kim Soo-oh scoring under the goal. However, Sungkyunkwan University counterattacked again with Park Jong-ha’s andone play, and the first half ended with Kyunghee University leading by a modest score of 35-32.

In the third quarter, Sungkyunkwan University counterattacked. Sungkyunkwan University overturned the game by accumulating points with a quick counterattack after a successful defense. Sungkyunkwan University made mistakes against Sungkyunkwan University’s strong press defense, and Sungkyunkwan University didn’t miss the chance to attack and finished with a goal, widening the gap.

In the middle of the fourth quarter, Sungkyunkwan University ran away with Park Jong-ha’s 3 points to 61-50. Kyunghee University’s 3-2 regional defense continued to be neutralized by Sungkyunkwan University’s attack.메이저놀이터

Kyung Hee University did not give up easily. With Kim Seo-won’s quick break and one play, he started pursuing again. However, Sungkyunkwan University also effectively blocked Kyunghee University’s additional points with its tenacious defense, and with 1 minute and 40 seconds remaining, Park Jong-ha succeeded in scoring a wedge and ran away 65-57, virtually deciding the game.

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