“My husband, the ‘building owner’ who receives 8 million won in monthly rent, plays games all day… I’m so pathetic that I’m dying.”

A story was told of a wife who was worried because her husband, the ‘building owner’ who regularly receives 8 million won in monthly rent, said that he does nothing and plays games all day.

On the 25th, the story of a woman in her 30s who had been married for two years was broadcast on JTBC’s ‘Case Chief’, who said she was having a conflict with her husband who played games all day and night .

According to her story, Ms. A first met her husband on a blind date in her late 20s. He said he was preparing for her personal business, but there was no progress, just preparations. Then she found out that Ms. A had a building that her husband would inherit.

My husband, who inherited the building, is receiving monthly rent amounting to 8 million won in his bank account every month. On the other hand, Ms. A, who has been working레고토토 for 10 years, grew up in a wealthy family, but like others, she graduated from college and earns about 3 million won after tax every month.

Everyone around her is jealous of Ms. A, but Ms. A confessed that she feels pitiful for her husband, who only plays games day and night without engaging in any social activities just because he collects her monthly rent.

Ms. A, who wanted her to live a productive life away from money, even encouraged her husband to have a hobby of her own, but her husband reportedly responded, “You can make money just by breathing, so why bother living so hard?”

Mr. A dreams of a normal life where he wakes up in the morning like everyone else and goes to work during the day, and she appealed, saying, “Is this desire too much?”

Regarding this, Kim Eun-bae, former head of the international crime investigation team at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, said, “It is not important to pay 8 million won in monthly rent. You must work, live in society, and feel a sense of accomplishment.” He added, “Save the money from the building and use it in retirement, and now work hard.” “Work and have a social life,” he advised.

Park Sang-hee, director of the Sharon Mental Health Institute, who also appeared on the broadcast, said, “This couple’s problem is not whether they have a building or whether they have 8 million won coming in. The most important thing is that the husband is addicted to gaming.” He added, “If you live like this without solving your addiction, no matter how much money you have. “At most, they become drug addicts, have extramarital affairs, and even 10 buildings are destroyed within 10 years. I have seen quite a few cases where families are destroyed because they have a lot of money,” he said.

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