Moon dissuades fasting by saying, “Be strong and fight.” Lee Jae-myeong “I understand” 

Former President Moon Jae-in visited Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was hospitalized on the 19th, and encouraged him to stop fasting.

This afternoon, former President Moon visited Green Hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul, where Lee was hospitalized, and visited him for about 20 minutes.

On the 19th day of fasting, Representative Lee’s physical condition deteriorated, including a sharp drop in blood sugar, and he was transferred to a hospital near the National Assembly and then transferred to Green Hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul.

Former President Moon, who moved to the hospital room under the guidance of Democratic Party leader Cheon Jun-ho, Supreme Council member Seo Young-kyo, former floor leader Park Hong-geun, and Rep. Yoon Kun-young, held Representative Lee’s hand and comforted him by stroking his hair.

Former President Moon talked about his experience of fasting in 2014 while urging the passage of the Sewol Special Act and said, “It was difficult when I fasted for 10 days, but I wonder how difficult it must be now that it has been 20 days.”

He continued by saying, “The conclusion of the fast has been fully shown, and we have to fight for a long time,” adding, “The situation has changed, so it is a time when it is necessary to quickly gather energy and fight.”

He added, “Always remember that Representative Lee is no longer alone, and that many people are hurting together, feeling sad, and hoping to get back on their feet.”

Former President Moon asked Director Cheon and the hospital director about CEO Lee’s condition and said, “In times like these, people around us need to stop스포츠토토 fasting.”

In response, Representative Lee only responded, “I understand,” and did not say that he would stop fasting, Democratic Party spokesperson Han Min-soo told reporters in front of the hospital.

Representative Lee is said to have said, “I had no choice but to fast because the world felt like it was falling apart and I felt like I was falling into an endless abyss. I am sorry for making you take this step.”

Within the party, it is difficult for Representative Lee to find a reason to break the fast, and attention is being paid to whether former President Moon’s visit can serve as an ‘exit’ for the fast.

Former President Moon called Representative Lee on the 1st, the second day of his fast, and encouraged him, saying, “I am concerned that the leader of the main opposition party is fasting because the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s reckless behavior is so severe. Take care of your health.”

On the 14th, former lawmaker Noh Young-min, who served as Chief of Staff at the Blue House during his administration, also conveyed his intention to stop fasting.

Meanwhile, in line with former President Moon’s visit to the hospital, citizens who appeared to be Lee’s supporters held signs and shouted slogans such as ‘Moon Jae-in out of the party’.

The Democratic Party then announced that Representative Lee strongly criticized this behavior in a message sent to reporters.

Representative Lee said, “Former President Moon is a great adult of the party,” and pointed out, “He plays the role of a compass at a time when the Democratic Party needs to unite and fight against its enemies. How can you criticize him when he is a supporter of the Democratic Party?”

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