“Like a trend among teenagers… “Warning about ‘unmanned store robbery’

As the number of unmanned stores without employees increases, theft is also continuing.

Not only do they not pay while taking things, but they also steal cash from unmanned checkout counters. Some teenagers are spreading criminal tips through social media.

This is reporter Hwang Daye’s exclusive report.


At 1:00 in the morning, a young male student enters a deserted, unmanned store.

After stabbing one side of the unmanned checkout counter several times with scissors, the door opens.

Sweep the cash in the checkout counter into an envelope and disappear.

[Soundbite owner: “(The amount of damage바카라사이트) is estimated to be around 100,000 won. Even look at the camera. Be bold.”] The next day, an unmanned

store in another area.

The same male student appears and steals the money using the same method.

Four days later, the same unmanned store.

This time, two other male students appear and use the same technique to target the unmanned checkout counter.

He tries to break the lock, but when another customer comes in, he calmly pretends to pick something up… and when

the customer disappears, he tries again and takes the money.

The owner of this unmanned store watched CCTV for two days after similar crimes continued and caught the thief, all of whom were middle school students.

and SNSI found out that the method of robbing unmanned checkout counters is spreading through .

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] “(After the crime), I made another lock and filled it in. I heard there’s a trend in the TikTok app that kids follow after seeing it.”

] , If it is covered by decorations, etc., the scene of the crime may be difficult to see.

There are close to 80 cases of theft in unmanned stores a day…

57% of the criminals targeted for unmanned stores were counted as teenagers.

Crimes targeting unmanned store cashiers among teenagers are spreading like a trend, so it seems necessary to prepare countermeasures such as installing additional locks.

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