Leisure Ministry and Jeonbuk-do ‘responsibility theory’… High-intensity audit inevitable

As the Jamboree event comes to an end, theories of responsibility are being raised against the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, the responsible ministry, and Jeollabuk-do, the local government in charge.

Although a budget of 100 billion won was spent over 6 years, a high-intensity audit is inevitable as the decision to withdraw from Saemangeum was made due to heat waves and typhoons.

This is reporter Kim Jang-hyun.


The Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree has taken a long time of 6 years since the venue was selected in 2017, but it was crippled due to poor ‘overall preparation’.

At the time, the government enacted a special law and entrusted support tasks to almost all ministries, including the Ministry of Leisure, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

However, this led to the absence of a ‘contro스포츠토토l tower’ that oversees the overall competition.

In particular, it is pointed out that the Ministry of Gender Equality, which has been chaired by the Minister since the launch of the Jamboree Organizing Committee, is directly responsible for the operation of the lame operation.

Minister of Leisure and Leisure Kim Hyun-sook, who declared that there was “no disruption” in preparing for the event, was also controversial several times during the event.

<Kim Hyeon-sook / Minister of Gender Equality and Family (8th)> “(Regarding the position of early withdrawal from Saemangeum), we can show Korea’s crisis management capabilities.”

Jeollabuk-do, which hosted the competition, also has a loud voice of criticism that it is not free from responsibility.

It is also considered a problem that most of the 110 billion won budget was spent for six years, 74% of which was spent on operating expenses, and only 11% was spent on facilities such as toilets, showers, and water fountains.

Some say that after Jeonbuk Province hosted the event, it was more interested in building infrastructure in the Saemangeum site than preparing for the competition.

<Kim Kwan-young / Governor of Jeonbuk Province (6th)> “As the chairman of the executive committee, I feel very sorry for causing much concern.”

However, there is also a diagnosis that unusual disaster situations such as the record-breaking rainy season and heat wave right before the tournament and a typhoon that crossed the Korean Peninsula are also a cause of the Jamboree’s crippling.

It is pointed out that although it is important to clarify responsibility for the Jamboree, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the revealed problems and use them as teachers on the other hand, and to establish a cooperative system between the central government, local governments, and ministries related to international events.

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