‘Knives Suspect’ Home Presumed Apartment… Residents “You lived right next door?”

“Anyone like that lived in our apartment?스포츠토토” Resident A (female, 70 ) met

in a mo apartment complex in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, where the suspect Mo Choi (22) of the ‘Seohyun Station stabbing’ that occurred on the 3rd lived. Mr. A was sitting on a bench in the complex with 3 apartment residents, including Mr. B, and was talking about the so-called ‘don’t ask me stabbing’ that occurred at Seohyeon Station near the apartment on the 3rd. Mr. B, a woman in her 70s, said, “She was about to go out in the direction of Seohyeon Station when the accident happened yesterday, but if she had gone a little earlier, she would have been in trouble.” This apartment complex is believed to be where the suspect Choi lived alone until right before the crime. It is also near the place where he was arrested by the police while running away from Seohyeon Station right after the crime. Choi was caught by the police at the entrance of the apartment complex. Regarding the speculation that it is Choi’s residence, a police official said, “We have not confirmed that.” As a result of the Seoul newspaper’s coverage, it was found that Choi was separated from her parents and she lived alone in the apartment. According to the apartment security guard, she was confirmed to have suffered from schizophrenia as a result of the police investigation, but she has not had any disturbances in the apartment complex in recent years.

Hong Mo, a security guard who has been working in the apartment for three years, said, “About 90% of the neighborhood (where Mr. Choi lives) is occupied by young people living on their own. It was quiet,” he said.

According to the apartment management office, there was no household registered in the name of the suspect Choi. An official from the management office said it could be because even if the head of household moves in, she is not obligated to register with the management office.

This official said, “Usually, residents who come to the management office to register as residents are those who come to register their vehicles in the apartment. Otherwise, they do not bother to register for residency,” he explained.

At the time of the crime, which left a total of 14 people injured, Mr. Choi rushed into Seohyeon Station in a vehicle owned by his mother and then went on a rampage with a weapon.

Even in the shopping mall near the apartment, there was a clear sign of anxiety related to the knife attack.

Mr. C, an employee of a nearby restaurant, said, “I usually go there when something curious happens, but yesterday’s incident was so scary that I didn’t even think about it.” Enough to do it,” he said.

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