“Kim Minjae is definitely leaving Munich! Inter Milan is no longer a problem.”Rumors have emerged that KIM will return to Italy.

An Italian reporter predicted that Kim Min-jae is likely to leave Bayern Munich this summer and move to a new team, including Inter Milan.

Italian media ‘Inter News’ reported on the 8th (Korea time) that “Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae has re-emerged in rumors of a transfer to Italy,” adding, “Inter Milan is likely to bring him back to Serie A based on his experience in Naples.”

Recently, Kim Min-jae became the target of Inter Milan, who became Serie A champion last season. “Football Italy” said on the 7th, “Inter Milan wants Bayern Munich to allow Kim Min-jae to be hired on loan.”

Inter Milan hopes to recruit former Napoli defender Kim Min-jae on loan and return to Serie A, said a media outlet citing Italy’s leading national sports magazine “La Gazeta Delo Sport.”

“Kim Min-jae, the Korean national team, moved to Munich for 50 million euros (about 74.7 billion won) after winning Serie A in Italy,” he added. “However, he played 36 games in his debut season and scored one goal and two assists, but he has often sat on the bench since Eric Dier was recruited from Tottenham Hotspur in January.”

“Kim Min-jae will be able to get a new performance in Serie A and the Champions League at Inter,” he said. “Inter Milan believes Munich may allow him to be hired on loan until the end of the season without a transfer option.”
“Thanks to the deal with Jan Zommer (goalkeeper) and Bangjamain Pavard last summer, the two clubs have a good relationship,” he said. “If Stefan Duffrey, one of the Inter center backs, is sold, the club will have no choice but to consider recruiting Kim Min-jae on loan.”

According to the media, Dutch center back Duffrey is currently receiving attention from the Saudi professional league RTHard. From Inter Milan’s point of view, which likes to use back-three tactics, if Duffrey leaves the team this summer, there is a need to recruit a new center back, and they have selected Kim Min-jae, a proven defender in the Serie A stage.

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Italy’s prestigious SSC Napoli in the summer of 2022 and entered the big league, was selected as the league’s best defender as he contributed to Napoli’s Serie A victory with a surprising performance. With his performance in Naples, he ranked 22nd in the 2023 Ballon d’Or voting.

Kim Min-jae, who became one of the world’s best defenders, moved to Bayern Munich, Germany’s prestigious Bundesliga, after the end of the season. In Munich, he was included in the starting lineup in every game in the first half and proved to be the world’s best center back in name and reality, but he fell behind in the competition to become a candidate in the second half.

After an eventful season, Kim Min-jae’s outlook for the 2024-25 season is not very bright, although he will start a new season with the new head coach, Bang Sang Kompany. This summer, Munich recruited Hiroki Ito, a member of the Japanese national soccer team and the top Bundesliga center back, and is also targeting the core center back Jonathan of Bayer Leverkusen, who won the Bundesliga unbeaten title last season.

Dutch center back Matheis Derricht, a position rival, is likely to move this summer, including Manchester United, but if Derricht leaves and Ta joins, Kim Min-jae is likely to start next season with four to five options.

As Kim Min-jae struggled in the main competition, Inter Milan, who watched his performance in Serie A, showed interest. They reportedly intend to persuade Munich by recruiting Kim Min-jae, who has a lot of money, on loan for one season rather than permanently recruiting him.

However, it is known that Kim Min-jae intends to remain in Munich next season to compete for the starting lineup.

Florian Flettenberg, a journalist with “Sky Sports” in Germany and well-informed about Munich, said on his social networking service (SNS) on Saturday that “we confirmed the rumor about Inter Milan and Kim Min-jae. He still has no intention of leaving Bayern Munich. The contract is valid until 2028.”

Italian journalist Stefano Agresti, however, had a different idea. He drew attention by claiming that Kim Min-jae would leave Munich this summer to earn time to compete. 먹튀검증

“Kim Min-jae is not in a good mood because he is not playing for Munich,” Agresti said, adding, “München is showing Dayo Upamecano, Matthijs Diricht and Eric Dier. It is clear that someone is dissatisfied because they cannot play.”

“München spent 80 million euros (about 119.9 billion won) on Diricht and 55 million euros (about 82.4 billion won) on Kim Min-jae,” he said. “Duricht does not play for the Dutch national team. It is almost certain that he will leave like Kim Min-jae,” he said, predicting that Diricht and Kim Min-jae will leave the team together.

“It is not strange that Munich sends Kim Min-jae on loan to recover the transfer fee. They want Kim Min-jae to do well in Italy,” he said. “Kim Min-jae may go to Inter Milan, but I would not be surprised if Munich offers Kim Min-jae to other teams.”

“Inter Milan wants to recruit Kim Min-jae because they know it’s a good opportunity to borrow him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another Italian club appeared without Inter recruiting him,” he said. “Kim Min-jae did very well (in Serie A). Inter Milan remembers Kim Min-jae in Naples, not Munich,” he said, adding that Serie A clubs, including Inter Milan, who remember his performance in Naples, can target Kim Min-jae.

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