Kim Man-bae “Hold on, if Lee Jae-myeong is elected, you will go to jail”…Nam Wook and Yoo Dong-gyu are cracked down on joining

While circumstances were revealed that Kim Man-bae (major shareholder of Hwacheon Dayyu), one of the ‘main bodies’ of the Daejang-dong incident, created the fake news of ‘Yoon Seok-yeol Coffee’ during the last presidential election, those involved in Daejang-dong, at the instigation of Mr. Kim at the time, asked Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong to exonerate him. There are testimonies that he was interviewed by the media giving ‘

The ‘Suk-Yeol Yoon Coffee’ fake news is that when President Seok-Yeol Yoon was investigating Busan Savings Bank in 2011, he gave coffee to Daejang-dong loan broker Mr. Jo Woo-hyung (actual owner of Cheonhwa-dong No. 6) and quelled the investigation.

In addition to this, in September and October 2021, right after the Daejang-dong suspicions arose, Mr. Kim reportedly said something to the people involved in Daejang-dong to the effect, “Tell the media that candidate Lee Jae-myung has nothing to do with this incident.” The prosecution is said to believe that those words became a kind of ‘teaching’ and led to media interviews with Lee Seong-moon (former CEO of Hwacheon Dayu), Nam Wook, and Jo Woo-hyung. All of their media interviews were conducted with content that reflected Mr. Kim’s intentions.

Recently, the prosecution requested that an additional arrest warrant be issued for Mr. Kim, who is undergoing the ‘Daejang-dong trial’ while in custody. In the trial on the 6th to deal with this, the prosecution said, “Mr. Kim was concerned that if the true nature of the Daejang-dong incident was revealed, it would have an unfavorable impact on candidate Lee Jae-myung in the presidential election,” and “He urged not only himself, but also Namwook (owner of Cheonhwa-dong Inn No. 4) and Jo Woo-hyung to give false interviews. “I did it,” he said.

Also, ahead of the presidential election, Mr. Kim said to Mr. Namwook and Mr. Yoo Dong-gyu (former head of the Seongnam Provincial Office), who were indicted along with him, in the waiting room of the courtroom, “Hold up well. There is also a situation where Lee Jae-myung said, “If he becomes president, I can leave,” and was ‘squeezed into joining.’ The prosecution is said to have secured a significant number of statements and circumstances supporting this.

While the prosecution’s investigation into this was speeding up, the 22nd Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Lee Jun-cheol) decided not to issue an additional arrest warrant for Mr. Kim, and Mr. Kim was released around midnight that day. This time, the prosecution did not apply the charge of ‘fake news’, but the charge of stealing스포츠토토 10 billion won and providing it to a sales agency.

It is reported that the prosecution will conduct an additional investigation into Kim and then reapply for an arrest warrant for Kim on the charge of ‘fake news.’ The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said, “It is difficult to understand the court’s decision in light of the fact that serious destruction of evidence has already been committed and there are significant concerns about further destruction of evidence.” Some predict that Mr. Kim’s release will cause a setback in the ‘fake news’ investigation.

It turns out that Kim Man-bae was the first to conduct a ‘false interview’. On September 15, 2021, Mr. Kim met Shin Shin-rim, former chairman of the National Press Union, and said, “People Power Party preliminary presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol covered up the Cho Woo-hyung case while he was a prosecutor.”

At the same time, Mr. Kim said of Representative Lee Jae-myeong, “(Because Seongnam City made Hwacheon Daeyu pay additional costs), I criticized (Representative Lee) a lot. He said, “ It’s like a communist XX .” This content supports CEO Lee’s claim that no preferential treatment has been given to private businesses in Daejeon-dong.

Coincidentally, CEO Lee Jae-myung also held an unscheduled emergency press conference a day before the ‘Kim Man-bae interview’ and mentioned the word ‘Communist Party.’ At a press conference on September 14, 2021, Representative Lee emphasized that he had imposed additional costs on Daejang-dong’s gang, saying, “At the trial (for violation of election laws while governor of Gyeonggi Province), the representative of an investment company (Hwacheon Dayu) reported in court testimony that I was a ‘communist.’ same. “He said, ‘It’s like the Communist Party.’”

On September 18, 2021, Lee Seong-moon, former CEO of Hwacheon Dayyu, who was avoiding contact with the media at the time, was interviewed by the Hankook Ilbo. Mr. Lee said, “I don’t know Jae-myung Lee. “I’ve only seen it once in court,” he said, adding, “I haven’t seen a single case of colluding with public officials or politicians to commit an illegal act.” This newspaper is where Kim Man-bae worked in the past. In 2020, it was belatedly revealed that a Hankook Ilbo executive borrowed 100 million won from Mr. Kim, causing controversy.

In addition, it is known that Mr. Kim contacted Mr. Namwook, who was staying in the United States in October 2021, and urged him to make a false statement, saying, ‘Now we and Lee Jae-myung are on the same boat.’ It is said that the time when Mr. Kim said that to Mr. Nam was right after Mr. Nam had his first video interview with JTBC on October 12, 2021.

At the time, Mr. Nam told JTBC , “Kim Man-bae has never called Yoo Dong-gyu ‘him.’” Because of this, suspicions that CEO Lee Jae-myung was ‘that person’ began to grow. Mr. Nam, who returned to Korea five days after receiving Mr. Kim’s call, actually changed his words in the second interview with JTBC , saying, ‘That person is not Lee Jae-myung.’

Man-Bae Kim gave similar ‘instructions’ to loan broker Woo-Hyung Jo in early September 2021. Mr. Kim said to Mr. Cho at the time, “Daejang-dong must be resolved with Yoo Dong-gyu’s bribery case,” and “If you are interviewed, say so.”

In fact, Mr. Cho met a JTBC reporter on October 26, 2021 and said, “‘That person’ is Yoo Dong-gyu. “It’s 100%,” he said. At that time, Mr. Cho is said to have explained for 30 minutes about the part about ‘covering up the investigation of Yoon Seok-yeol’ that he was directly involved in, saying, ‘I met with Prosecutor Park, not Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol’ and ‘The Daejang-dong loan is not the subject of Busan Savings Bank’s investigation.’

In February 2022, the reporter reported on the suspicion of ‘Yoon Seok-yeol’s coffee’ twice, leaving out Cho’s explanation. Cho’s claim that ‘Lee Jae-myung has nothing to do with Daejeon-dong’ was reported in an article after he moved to Newstapa in October last year.

Yoo Dong-gyu, who was in charge of the Daejang-dong project in Seongnam City, disappeared in the early stages of the Daejang-dong suspicion, but gave an interview with Media Today on September 23, 2021 to the effect that “there was no preferential treatment for the Daejang-dong project.” Mr. Yoo said that around the same time, he was supposed to be introduced to a reporter from the Hankyoreh by Jeong Jin-sang, former policy chief of Seongnam City, who is a close associate of Representative Lee, but it did not materialize.

Even after being arrested in November 2021, Mr. Kim reportedly attempted to crack down on the ‘Daejang-dong group’, saying, “If Lee Jae-myung becomes president, I can get out (of prison).” Not only did I meet Namwook in the trial waiting room at the Seoul Central District Court, but I also said to Yoo Dong-gyu, “Lee Jae-myung will become president. He said, “He will be able to get out soon.” However, after September 2022, Mr. Nam and Mr. Yoo began to cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation, saying, “I will reveal all the facts.”

Meanwhile, Newstapa reported Shin Shin-rim’s ‘Kim Man-bae Interview’ at 9:22 pm on March 6, 2022, three days before the presidential election. At 10:22 that night, an hour later, CEO Lee Jae-myeong shared the Newstapa article on Facebook, saying, “Please spread the word about the vivid reality of Juan Muchi.” Among major media outlets, it was 31 minutes faster than the Kyunghyang Shinmun, which was the first to report the ‘Kim Man-bae interview’.

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