Kim Han-gyu, “Transcript of the investigation, Lee Jun-seok-Yeon general election alliance is no longer possible”

◇ Park Jae-hong> This is the best time for a meeting between the Supreme Council member and a first-time member of the National Assembly. First of all, welcome Kim Byeong-min, Supreme Council member of the People Power Party. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> Hello. Nice to meet you. 

◇ Jaehong Park> And Kim Han-gyu, floor spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Korea, also came. welcome. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> Hello. This is Kim Han-gyu. 

◇ Park Jae-hong> First, let’s start with the suspicions of reporting a false interview with former Newstapa expert member Shin Shin-rim and Kim Man-bae. There was a search and seizure of Mr. Kim today, and the President’s Office is strongly criticizing it as a rare presidential election maneuver. Representative Kim Han-gyu, how does the Democratic Party view this suspicion? 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> It’s not my idea, it’s the Democratic Party’s idea, right? 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> After finishing, please add your thoughts. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> The Democratic Party believes that it is necessary to confirm the facts through investigation. The investigation is currently in progress, and we have submitted a bill for a special investigation into Daejeon-dong, and we think it would be good to address this aspect as well while dealing with Daejeon-dong. However, saying that this was a presidential election operation makes it sound like the Democratic Party got involved with Kim Man-bae and made him do an interview even though he knew it was false and took advantage of it. In fact, I think that the fact that they are accusing this of being a presidential election maneuver without providing any evidence for this is a political offensive. 

Among the ruling party lawmakers are MBC , KBS , and JTBC.Even though they reported relevant news at the time, they say they should be held accountable according to the results of the investigation, but the fact that they even dismissed the media as a conspiracy force seems to be an attempt to tame the media. That’s how we view the situation. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Byeongmin Kim is the best. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> It’s a presidential election operation, right. First of all, a clear operation would require uncovering the subject. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Who did it? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> These false contents were reported three days before the presidential election. And after Newstapa’s report on this, Legacy Media accepted this part without verification. In particular, in the case of MBC , there was extensive forest fire coverage at that time because there was a large forest fire. At that time, after reporting on the forest fire in the first three reports, I continued to talk about the contents of this Newstapa in the next four reports. So, in fact, if we were to report on these things two or three days before the presidential election, we would have to think about various stories related to counterarguments, but such things would be included in the entire main news, and they would be content that could affect the election. It means that they poured out. 

In line with this, the culprit has now been revealed through comments made by a spokesperson for the Democratic Party at the time. Those who turn a blind eye to illegal corruption are the starting point of Daejang-dong, especially its seeds. And based on this false interview with Mr. Kim Man-bae, candidate Lee was harassed a lot instead of helping the business. These details were reported without filtering through the Democratic Party’s commentary, and as a result, circumstances that were favorable to candidate Lee Jae-myung and unfavorable to candidate Lee Jae-myung were revealed to candidate Seok-yeol Yoon. Because false news was spread, an investigation is needed into why the interview was held on September 15th, left for six months, and then came out right before the election. 

◇ Park Jae-hong> However, now there seem to be some people in the People Power Party who are raising suspicions that the Democratic Party appears to be in the report, and even claim that Representative Lee Jae-myung and Kim Man-bae are one in the same body. Isn’t that a bit of an excessive inference? there is. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> Jang Ye-chan’s best statement. I think people’s assumptions and thoughts may differ. First of all, one thing is certain: it is candidate Lee Jae-myung who benefited the most from Kim Man-bae’s lies and false interviews. It’s the Democratic Party. The person who suffered the most damage from this is candidate Seok-yeol Yoon and the People Power Party. I don’t think this fact will change. 

And if you look at the circumstances that Man-Bae Kim has been dealing with, you cannot help but point out the problems with the media. You may remember the Hankyoreh reporter who received money from Kim Man-bae. Isn’t that why the Hankyoreh newspaper issued a massive apology and the people involved took off their clothes and walked out? And Kim Man-bae also talked about selling himself for hundreds of millions of won. He received money and was constantly in a position to influence the Daejeon-dong sidewalk. 

This time, in the case of Shin Shin-rim, key figures in the Democratic Party at the time said that this person was a truly trustworthy person and used those details as arguments for the presidential election, but he received money from Kim Man-bae. So, it’s a bit long to talk about things that violate journalistic ethics, but one more thing to add is that in the case of Jo Woo-hyung, he told reporters like JTBC that he didn’t agree with this, but he’s asking why none of his stories were reported. . These are things that started happening after September and lasted until March. Are there people who knew about the details and did not report them or tolerated them? 

◇ Jaehong Park> That needs to be investigated. Representative Kim Han-gyu, please provide a rebuttal to the claim of connection with the Democratic Party. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> I think there was talk going around at the time that this type of interview had already been prepared and would be reported. Before Newstapa reported, it was said that there was a possibility that they would prepare in advance because there were many related reporters. I don’t know the specifics, but there would be related content, including President Yoon Seok-yeol, coming out. Basically, because Kim Man-bae has been talking about Seok-yeol as his older brother for a long time while working as a reporter. Because they claim that this is the relationship. 

However, at the time, many people knew such information and that such an interview was prepared. Without predicting such things in advance, how could CEO Lee Jae-myung immediately take issue with it as soon as the media reports came out? So, they say that we are one team, but I don’t think this is at all a basis for saying that we are one team. At least the Democratic Party checked the contents of the recording file in advance… 

Also, basically, there are some false facts about this with Mr. Shin Shin-rim and Mr. Kim Man-bae, but for the purpose, there needs to be something like a conspiracy to use it when it is difficult to verify with only 3 days left, but there is nothing like that, and the result is the Democratic Party. I think that if you collude to benefit the world, you will have to take responsibility for everything that happens in the world, even if you did not intend to do so. 

I couldn’t remember the Newstapa report, so I looked it up again and that was the main point of the day. In the end, the key point was that they hired a lawyer named Park Young-soo, and with that, Jo Woo-hyung was released without charge. Now, lawyer Park Young-soo’s relationship with a certain Kim Man-bae has been confirmed through the 5 billion list. The public also knows that lawyer Park Young-soo and prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol have worked together for a long time. Then, just as we can’t unconditionally say that Prosecutor Seok-yeol Yoon tolerated this because of lawyer Young-soo Park, doesn’t that also need to be confirmed? 

I rather drank coffee. Manet is not important. We need to check whether Attorney Park Young-soo really had an influence in clearing up the case 10 years ago. People in the legal field know that Attorney Park Young-soo is a former special prosecutor and how much he knows about the special department case. Many people know whether it had an impact or not. That’s why I think you have to check that part to see if the report is really false. Of course, any financial relationship raises questions about the credibility of the interview itself, so I think that part should be thoroughly checked.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> First of all, Jo Woo-hyung never said anything like that. This is a lie. It’s definitely a lie, and now I think there are two phases to the incident. When I first interviewed him, I thought the most likely scenario was Kim Man-bae, and that was in the early stages of the incident. 

◇ Jaehong Park> 6 months ago. 

◆ Jin Jung-kwon> Because it was the early stages of the incident, we launched a disruption operation. What I’m saying is that it was leaked to divert attention to something strange. But Shin Shin-rim interviewed about it. Why did you have it? I don’t think he even believed it, this. Exactly what this person said. 

◇ Jaehong Park> At the time, in the early days. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> So, you actually had it, but it was around the time of the presidential election, so you gave it to Newstapa 5 days before the election? They gave it to me 5 days ago, and Newstapa took it out 3 days ago. The problem is that this is certain, at least Shin Shin-rim was aware of the possibility that this was false. 

◇ Jaehong Park> It was published 6 months later…

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> That’s right, because that’s right. If that is true and true, the interview should have been aired right away. However, I believe that there was a clear perception that it was false in saying that it was done after receiving money. I still don’t want to believe that the Democratic Party was aware of the falsehood, and there is no evidence yet, but do you remember what the Democratic Party said at the time? At that time, I was certain that the body of Daejang-dong was Seok-yeol Yoon. This time, of course, using the same logic, we can conclude that the main body, the main body of this incident, is Lee Jae-myung, politically speaking. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Byeongmin Kim is the best. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> First of all, you mentioned earlier that you saw the Newstapa report again, but I think there are some people who don’t know the details. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Briefly. ◆ Kim Byeong-min> I will briefly explain the title of the MBC

report that was reported by Newstapa . The first title, Kim Man-bae and Yoon Seok-yeol, just looked at it. The case is gone. This is the report title. And Jaemyung Lee, I’m a bastard. There was a lot of swearing, Kim Man-bae, who criticized the return of public interest. I would like to point out that these contents were mainly related to the Newstapa report that took place at the time. One thing I would like to point out is that Newstapa is still quite famous for its investigative journalism. ◇ Jaehong Park> Investigative reporting. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> If it is a place with expertise in investigative reporting, it is not that I saw Kim Man-bae, but that Kim Man-bae heard it from Jo Woo-hyung. And if the content was such that it would cause such a huge uproar three days before the presidential election that it would be reported in this way, it would have been very natural and obvious to ask Woohyung Jo. And this is not something that was received in a hurry; Shin Shin-rim actually had it for about six months. Then why couldn’t you ask Jo Woo-hyung a single question during that long period of time? It is difficult to understand from common sense that Newstapa just reported this without any such incidents. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> One more thing I would like to say is why did Mr. Shin Shin-rim meet Kim Man-bae? Don’t you say that the interview date was September 15, 2019? But if I think about it, I remember every single day of the presidential election. Because the movement was so urgent, it heated up around Chuseok after the Daejeon-dong incident broke out, and from then on, it was the so-called primary election period, during the Democratic Party primary election. It is only at a very late stage, when then-candidate Lee Nak-yeon is nearing the end, that the influence becomes effective. 

However, when I looked through the news to find out what happened on September 15th, I found that it was September 13th and September 14th, the day before. At that time, then-presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung was the first to come forward and hold a press conference as suspicions regarding Daejang-dong first arose. They came forward very strongly and said that this was the greatest achievement that Seongnam City had ever made. The very next day after that press conference, Man-Bae Kim met Shin Shin-Rim here. However, since there are doubts as to why Kim Man-bae intentionally met with Chairman Shin Shin-lim and poured out these stories in just one day, it is enough to assume that Kim Man-bae intentionally approached him with his own mock idea. I think. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> So the suspicion is that CEO Lee Jae-myeong gave instructions or made a request to Kim Man-bae? I never said a word. Suspicion that Mr. Kim Man-bae was trying to influence this matter in some way. He was trying to lie and why did he meet Shin Shin-rim there? And there was a money transaction right after this interview. So, this literally happened before the events surrounding Daejeon-dong became a big issue. However, there is a need to clearly state why Kim Man-bae pushed for such an unreasonable interview and even made a money transaction at that time, and why Shin Shin-rim got involved in this matter. 

I also think that Kim Man-bae had a purpose in wanting to change the situation to his advantage. So, of course, when you think about it, you may have worried about how the presidential election will be concluded so that you can survive, but I think that to infer that the Democratic Party is involved is completely imaginary. . 

Clearly, when the People Power Party carries out such a political offensive by claiming to be one team, it must be confirmed whether anyone, even if not the representative, requested this kind of interview from Mr. Kim Man-bae, especially knowing that it was false. I think that is defamation against the Democratic Party itself. 

◇ Jaehong Park> That issue ends here. Let’s talk about further exploration of internet media. Last year, during the controversy over the president’s profanity, The Exploration reported a recording of a phone call between Senior Secretary for Civil Society Kang Seung-gyu and a man. In this content, Senior Secretary Kang referred to MBC as a traitorous media outlet and said he would hold a right-wing protest in front of MBC . This is a statement that encouraged the man. How do you judge whether this should be viewed as a private conversation or as an air traffic control demonstration instruction? Would you like to start with Commissioner Kim Han-gyu? 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> I looked up the definition of a traffic control demonstration and found that it is a protest in which a public institution intervenes to achieve the goals of the government, etc., and that this is a control demonstration. In that regard, the chief should talk a lot to the people around him. If you said that, it is true that it was a control demonstration. However, the problem is that during the Park Geun-hye administration, those involved in the Blue House were criminally punished because they helped raise funds. Costs required by people who request companies to conduct this control demonstration. Then, you have to set up the stage and pay daily wages, and I would like to check whether this kind of behavior occurred. 

The special department prosecutors who were on the investigative line at the time became chief prosecutors and did well. Since they gained a lot of experience at the time, we learned how the President’s Office organized demonstrations using civic groups and external civilians and how they raised funds. I hope you check it out. In conclusion, the control demo is correct. 

◇ Jaehong Park> That’s right. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> However, you need to check the facts regarding raising funds. 

◇ Jaehong Park> So, the content of the call is like this. We need to protest and go to MBC and mobilize all our right-wing citizens to protest. So, that’s right. Please do the same to those around you. This is a conversation like this. How did Kim Byeong-min hear about this conversation? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I listened to some of the cobbled-together files that were discussed in The Exploration. Chief Kang Seung-gyu Looking at his usual conversational manner, it seems like the conversation goes something like this, yes, yes, but I wonder who called first. Rather than directly calling people’s civil society organizations and encouraging them to do this, it seems like it is a story that is appropriate and a response to the situation that Chief Kang Seung-gyu just came and talked about first. However, I think it would be very difficult to work if recordings of these contents were circulated as is. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Senior Secretary for Civil Society? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> Anyway, as a senior civil society official, I would like to tell you that you have to be careful about what you say even when talking to one person, because there are various recordings going around. I think it was more of a response rather than an intentional one. 

◆ Seonghoe Kim> First of all, the President’s Office needs to cut off YouTube. I’ve told you this about 100 times. I don’t know who I was talking to, but who is being mobilized for this? Nowadays, for example, professional demonstrations are held by civic groups, but also by YouTubers. When YouTubers gather people, they watch the broadcast, people flock together, and they broadcast the broadcast at their own rally and make money as sponsors. Is this a situation that encourages these people? Because what worries me the most about the President’s Office right now is that I keep watching YouTube videos. And passing through with YouTubers. 

How frustrating is the Chosun Ilbo that they would even mention the President and even reveal the story of a Telegram exchange with a YouTuber? This is something that Lee Jun-seok did when he became the party leader, ending his relationship with YouTubers, but it all came to nothing and the president’s office continues to be polluted by YouTubers, so I thought this was a happening, so I called the media a traitor. I would like to point out that what the Senior Secretary for Social Affairs is doing, even in private, is inappropriate. 

◆ Jin Jung-kwon> Who is the senior civil society official saying here? Is it in a bracket? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> No, no, after that. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Yes, please do the same to those around you. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> That’s right. Now in the President’s office. Here, all right-wing citizens are mobilized, and the president is not in a position to represent only the right-wing. But these things show the level of the President’s Office. I feel really embarrassed. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> This is not what Chief Kang said. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> So, please do the same to those around you. I don’t know what this is doing. that…

◇ Jaehong Park> That story ends here. Now, in The Exploration, before the President joined the People Power Party, he also released a recording of a phone call with a People Power Party official, and former CEO Lee Jun-seok has now shared it on social media , so I think many people have seen it. I am a person who came to change the regime, not a person who came to become president. That position itself is annoying. I hate national power more than the Democratic Party. A phone call transcript was released in which Lee Jun-seok said that no matter how hard he tried, it would only last three months. 

◆ Seonghoe Kim> This cabbage bowl today is going to be really fun. 

◇ Park Jae-hong> First of all, former CEO Lee Jun-seok quoted this and said that they were people who came with the intention of fighting in the first place, on SNS . Kim Byeong-min, what did you hear about this part? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I don’t think there is any reason for this to lead to excessive interpretation. I still remember former CEO Lee Jun-seok and Minister Won Hee-ryong discussing transcripts with each other during his time as leader. I don’t think it’s appropriate in the political world for conversations to be passed around between people, but I remember this was before I joined the party. So I don’t know who I was talking to. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Does the party still not know who you are? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I haven’t heard anything yet. 

◆ Kim Seong-hoe> It was a time when Supreme Council member Kim Byeong-min was very close. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> When I was a spokesperson. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> No, who is this? 

◆ Seonghoe Kim> I don’t mean to cause trouble, but I’m just curious. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I really don’t know. I was working as a spokesperson at this time. 

◇ Park Jae-hong> Honam People Power Party, which uses  SNS a lot.

◆ Kim Byeong-min> When I said I would be a spokesperson before joining the People Power Party, Representative Lee Jun-seok said that he would expel that person. However, when President Yoon declared his participation in politics, there were quite a few people who were reluctant to join the People Power Party. So shouldn’t we create a new political force in the Third Zone? There were people who raised their voices saying that it would be possible for him to become a presidential candidate if he joined the People Power Party, and in the process, there were times when the process of persuading various people continued. So, you may remember these news stories about whether or not it is right to join the party. I think this may be one of the phone calls that came out during the process, but is there a need to overinterpret this?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Besides, Mr. Kim Man-bae, you shouldn’t have believed this person’s words in the first place. He’s a criminal suspect. Since this person is a person who can make up words in a certain way, it makes no sense to send out this person’s interview as it is without cross-checking, and that is why I believe he could not send it out himself. Then, at Newstapa, if there is something like this, at least three days is too short a time for it to turn out to be true if it is false. But then, I don’t know what he did for two days without verifying it. They said they tried hard to check things on their own, and I wish they could talk about what efforts they made. 

◇ Jaehong Park> First of all, this is Newstapa’s position. Shin Shin-rim, who provided the recording file, overlooked the fact that he had a long-standing relationship with Kim Man-bae, and as a result, there was no doubt that the two people may have been entangled in a conflict of interest. They say they only reported it for the people’s right to know, and they claim that the report itself is false and that they will firmly fight against those who accuse it of interference in the presidential election. They plan to release the entire original file of the interview with Shin Shin-rim and Kim Man-bae soon. It is said that the situation will change if everything is revealed? 

◆ Kim Seong-hoe> I don’t think it’s an issue where the situation changes, but the question of whether cross-checking wasn’t done is that the core of this case is that Jo Woo-hyung was caught while acting as a broker for Busan Savings Bank, so what should we do about it? Please go see Mr. Manbae Kim, whom I used to know, and help him. Please introduce me to a lawyer. Special unit? Then, there was a head of the Central Investigation Department whom I knew well, and he introduced me to lawyer Park Young-soo, and the content that was cross-checked at that time was that Mr. Jo Woo-hyung pretended to be under investigation for this case and then just came out. That is because the police investigation record shows that he went to the prosecution and investigated before that. It says that I have received it before. 

Then, the next time, the reporter confirmed that he was caught again at the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office and sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison. Oh, it was lawyer Park Young-soo’s efforts to get out this time. So, it is not that prosecutor Seok-yeol Yoon removed it, but it is a report on the suspicion that lawyer Park Young-soo, who committed corruption in the entire government, did it. 

And since the entire report states that Kim Man-bae said this, the public was able to judge the reliability of Kim Man-bae’s remarks at the time. So, looking at it objectively, there is one thing about the situation, and then what Newstapa continued to suspect was that the 6th person in Cheonhwa-dong is now Jo Woo-hyung, and I can’t remember the exact amount, but it was probably 26.2 billion or something buried there. Until reporter Bong Ji-wook reported in November 2022, the prosecution had not investigated Jo Woo-hyeong’s Cheonhwa-dong No. 6. What on earth does Jo Woo-hyung have to do to prevent the prosecution from investigating him like this? I would like to summarize and state that Newstapa has been in the process of continuously raising issues in this regard. 

◆ Jin Jung-kwon> Even if Newstapa had only done 1/100 or 1/1000 of that sincerity, it would have been cross-checked.

◆ Kim Han-gyu> If you just interpret it as it is without overinterpreting it. 

◇ Jaehong Park> As is. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> President Yoon Seok-yeol has a very negative perception of the People Power Party. He hates the Democratic Party, but he hates them even more. I don’t know if I should like him. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> The evaluation was quite accurate. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> Next, he tried to become president using the People Power Party as a tool. 

◇ Jaehong Park> It’s a platform. platform. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> It’s a platform. Let’s just leave it as a fact up to this point and wonder why President Yoon Seok-yeol did not let the party take care of itself during the recent process of selecting various party representatives and supreme council members. So you can’t believe he tried to give me a strong grip. Now to the members of the People Power Party. 

◇ Jaehong Park> You don’t trust the party. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> Well, if we go one further way, will you believe it in next year’s general election? You won’t believe it. Then aren’t there still those people who hated the current People Power Party? If that’s the case, we shouldn’t continue like this in next year’s general elections. I thought he was going to say that I should change everything to someone who is close to me, and another thing related to CEO Lee Jun-seok, when I looked at the young people’s community, suddenly a lot of posts related to CEO Lee Jun-seok were coming up. So, young people felt pity for CEO Lee Jun-seok, and this ended up being a three-month project that led to Lee Jun-seok’s death. Our CEO Yoon Seok-yeol, who came in to eat, really ate sugar and expressed that the president now eats it. 

So now, when I think about what will happen from now on, I wonder how much President Yoon Seok-yeol and Representative Lee Jun-seok endured during the last presidential election, when they fought like that and ended up temporarily patching things up. I hate it so much inside. So what we are worried about is whether the two will unite again during next year’s general elections, but this has become impossible. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Completely? 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> President Yoon Seok-yeol’s true intentions have been revealed, but I wonder if former party leader Lee Jun-seok also has pride and would form an alliance with someone who hates him like this. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> If you let your imagination run wild with just one private recording. 

◇ Jaehong Park> This is a private recording. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> It’s a private recording. Then, let’s use the private recordings and let our imaginations run wild. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Have you heard of it? Did you hear it yourself? 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I heard this much about it on broadcasts here and there, this much. But private recording…

◇ Jaehong Park> You have to listen to it. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I listened to some private recordings, a little bit. 

◇ Jaehong Park> A little. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> One of the private recordings that I heard a little bit about is the swearing-in of Representative Lee Jae-myeong’s sister-in-law. The Democratic Party is asking a lot of questions about why they talk about it like that. If we derive what happened at that time from the swearing-in of Representative Lee Jae-myeong’s sister-in-law and turn it into a personality issue, etc. The Democratic Party would really like it. So, I think these are some of the conversations I had with various people before joining the People Power Party, but it is not advisable for the Democratic Party to react too excessively. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Professor Jin. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I saw three points. 

◇ Jaehong Park> There are three, what are the points? 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Han Hana is Yoon Seok-yeol before his transformation. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Seokyeol Yoon before transformation메이저사이트

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It’s pretty good, in its own way. I am Park Chung-hee, especially the Saemaeul spirit. The left and right do not all agree on this. I will preserve it, and then Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun go out. In the meantime, I said that I would take power in the midst of common sense in civil society, and then I went to Honam, in fact, I did not go to get votes, I went to do the same as Yeonghonam. Such sincerity. But recently, there has been a lot of extreme right-wing people, just like this person. Looking at the behavior of the extreme right, what little sense of sincerity there was has disappeared. 

The second point is the vulgarity of the way you speak. There are words like “what do you eat,” “what do you eat,” and “what do you eat?” to things like “municipal miscellany.” I don’t know if this is the prosecutor’s tone or what, but that tone was very annoying. No, do you use that tone when talking to people? I also tend to be harsh with words, but not to that extent. Next, the key thing is a coup. The point is that they will come into the party and oust the legally elected party leader. This is not something a person with democratic consciousness can say. 

◇ Jaehong Park> No matter how hard you try, it lasts only 3 months. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> That’s right. They said it would last for three months, and in fact, as soon as they took power, the first thing they did was kick out the party leader. This is something I say cannot happen in a democratic, liberal democratic system.

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I’ll just make one rebuttal to this. 

◇ Jaehong Park> You can do two. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> According to the People Power Party’s constitution, the moment you become the party’s presidential candidate, you will have all the rights of the party leader. So, since we talked about the fact that even if there is a party leader, if you become a real presidential candidate, you can run the presidential election under certain influence and with a certain leading position, so I say that this is not an area where you have to kick out someone. 

And in fact, it was the same when former representative Lee appeared at the last People Power Party convention, and what all the candidates did was that this convention was not a two-year party representative, but rather a bridgehead for regime change until a candidate was elected in this presidential election. I had clearly stated that it was a party leadership election. 

So, based on the content at that point, I think it might be someone from the Honam region who is opposed to joining the People Power Party. I think it was a process of persuasion on whether to achieve these visions by joining the party, and you pointed out the tone here, but one thing is that it does not contain insults like swearing at your sister-in-law. 

◆ Jin Jung-kwon> CEO Lee Jae-myeong…

◇ Jaehong Park> This isn’t something you two should fight about. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> He is not the president. He’s the president now. 

◇ Jaehong Park> Last. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> And what did you say last? 

◆ Seonghoe Kim> I will organize it. I think the important keyword in this recording is suppression. 

◇ Jaehong Park> It is suppression. 

◆ Kim Seong-hoe> While working as a prosecutor in the special department, for example, if you overpower the chairman of a conglomerate, don’t the directors below you all collapse and follow you? I will take over the party by suppressing the party leader in the People Power Party. It seems like you’ve succeeded up to that point, but after doing that, you think you’re going to take over the Democratic Party by suppressing Lee Jae-myung, whether it’s a serious crime or something, and I think you’re blocked now. 

So, for me, politics is about compromise. Prosecutors do not subdue the suspect and obtain records. Politics is about giving what you have to give and receiving what you have to give, but there is a lot of give and take with each other, but I think you have a great sense of accomplishment now that you have done it in a way that has to be overpowered. For example, if the Democratic Party suppresses a few political leaders, the entire party will not bow to the president’s words, so wouldn’t it be good to save the legacy of cooperative governance now? 

◆ Jin Jung-kwon> Anyway, if you look at it clearly, it’s not like, for example, if something like that exists within the party, how will you solve this problem or how will you solve it rationally? I’m talking about the political tactics that I will use to subdue them. Then, it later became a reality, and when you look at it, things like creating an ethics committee, these things can’t actually happen in a liberal democratic system. So, this person’s thoughts are very wrong. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> One last word. 

◇ Jaehong Park> I will conclude after hearing the best words from Kim Byeong-min. Kim Byeong-min is the best. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> When I look back and think about it, I don’t know when that was. That was before I joined the party. However, one of the many reports starting from July 2021 is whether former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol will follow the path of Ban Ki-moon or Go Geon. My approval rating is high right now, but I wonder if I can join the party and survive, even though I don’t have any political experience. Since there were many things outside of the country saying that they could do it by founding a new party, there were various persuasion processes to gather and build support for this. 

◇ Jaehong Park> It was a process of persuasion. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> I kind of remember it being there. 

◇ Park Jae-hong> Commissioner Kim Han-gyu must speak. 

◆ Kim Han-gyu> What I am also saying while looking at the content is that if they had joined the party in advance, they could have lined up a few active members, and even now, they are lining up 50 people and tomorrow, the chairmen outside the National Assembly will also hold a press conference. This is exactly the old-fashioned way of lining up politics. Looking at this, the People Power Party lawmakers should say something about our party’s actions, but they haven’t said anything, so I’m waiting. 

◆ Kim Byeong-min> We did not hand out envelopes of money. 

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Everyone is standing in line. I’m waiting in line.

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