‘Jeju meat restaurant eating and running’ CCTV was released… President “I’m sorry for the employee’s mistake”

Recently, a story about a family member disappearing without paying at a meat restaurant in Jeju Island raised public outrage from netizens.

On the 7th, on the online community스포츠토토 Bobaedream, an article titled “Can I reveal the Jeju island restaurant eating and running family?” was posted.

Writer A, who identified himself as the owner of the restaurant, said, “It’s the peak season these days, so the store is really busy and hectic, but in 11 years of business, I met a customer who was eating and running for the first time.” Then, he explained how he was dressed up, saying, “The staff took advantage of their busy time and smiled very sincerely and leisurely left the store as if nothing was wrong.” “Four adults, three children, and even one woman was pregnant.”

Mr. A said that he reported the CCTV video inside the restaurant to a broadcasting station, but it became a hot topic when it was introduced in a program dealing with incidents that actually occurred in Korea.

However, on the 9th, a restaurant official said through News 1, “I checked the CCTV from a different angle , and our employee paid for the food with a table bill other than the family’s. made a statement. Posts posted on the community have also been deleted.

In this way, there are not a few cases where customers who have paid for food are mistaken for ‘guests eating and running’.

Previously, in December 2021, Mr. B, who runs a bar in Namyangju, posted a photo capturing CCTV footage inside the store, saying, “I was eaten and running,” but as it turned out, there was an incident that turned out to be an employee’s calculation mistake. Even last May, a raw fish restaurant in Incheon, which released a CCTV video saying, ” I ate and ran without paying for 90,000 won worth of food,” also explained that it was a “mistake by an employee who mistook it for another table.”

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