“I’ll pay for you”… Mapo-gu couple presenting late-night snacks to Jamboree members

The story of a couple who met the ‘2023 Saemangeum스포츠토토 World Scout Jamboree’ members scattered across the country in the aftermath of Typhoon Kanun and paid for snacks on behalf of the members is touching.

According to this report, on the afternoon of the 11th, Mr. Lee (49), who lives in Mapo-gu, Seoul, visited E-Mart in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul with his wife. After shopping, the Lee couple met the Canada Jamboree members in front of the cash register. Hearing a buzz, Mr. Lee looked around and saw that about 30 Jamboree members were standing there with Canadian flag badges on their bags.

Mr. Lee, who has a son of the same age as the members, decided to deliver Shinsegae gift certificates to the Jamboree leader. However, it is said that the leader did not understand what Mr. Lee was saying, so he was unable to deliver it. Then, Mr. Lee summoned up courage once more and used a smartphone translator to tell the three children standing in front of the cashier, “Where are you from?”

Then, the members of the Jamboree said that Mr. Lee refused the favor of making the payment. Again, Mr. Lee said, “It’s okay” and said he would pay, and only then did the crew ask “thank you” and “what’s your name?”

On this day, the list that Mr. Lee paid for was cider, triangular gimbap, late-night snack set, and caramel. It was a small amount of less than 30,000 won, but it is said that the crew shouted “I love Korea ” over and over again to Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee said, “I hope that the children who came to Korea with more than 8 million won will not be disappointed any more,” and “I hope the remaining children will have only happy memories after the Jamboree.

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