“If you can’t park at once, the car will be smashed”… How about ‘parking lot of fear’?

A driver’s story was told that the스포츠토토 lower part of the vehicle was damaged in an unmanned parking lot using a

‘flap type circuit breaker’. The ‘flap-type circuit breaker’ is a device that raises the blocking bar when the vehicle is parked to prevent unauthorized exit, and lowers the blocking bar when parking fees are paid. Recently, on the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’

run by lawyer Moon-cheol Han, ‘Parking lot that you should never move if you can’t park at once… A video titled ‘How do I park in a parking lot like this?’ was uploaded. According to the black box video released by Mr. A, a video informant and driver, he first visited a public parking lot near Mokdong Station, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul at 5:00 pm on the 12th. Mr. A had to correct the parking because the vehicle was not parked properly. At this time, the flat breaker went up in a matter of seconds and severely damaged the left bumper of the vehicle. It is said that only the vehicle was damaged in this accident, and there was no problem with the flap. Afterwards, Mr. A insisted, “In the parking lot guide phrase, there was only talk about exiting the car, but no phrase about corrected parking.” However, an official from the damage adjuster claimed 100% of the driver’s negligence, saying, “How do you write down all those phrases and talk about them? It must be because Mr. A is a novice driver.”

Han Moon-cheol, an attorney, expressed an opinion that he did not agree with 100% driver negligence. He criticized, “You should have written a large message saying ‘No modified parking'” and “What should beginners and people who are not good at (parking) do?” He added, “The insurance company also says that it is 100% driver’s fault, but at least it is not 100% driver’s fault in that there was no guidance phrase.”

In addition, as a result of a lawyer voting for viewers, ‘parking lot 100% wrong’ took first place with 72%, and ‘black box vehicle 100% wrong’ only 6%.

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