“I won’t buy a house even if the rent goes up”… Seoul apartments facing a wait-and-see attitude

The rebound in apartment prices in Seoul, which has continued for a while, has led to the depletion of urgent sales. It is slowing down as the trading volume decreases. In particular, transactions in high-priced apartments, such as Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu, which were leading the rebound, decreased as the price gap between asking price and actual transaction price widened.

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 12th, apartment prices in Seoul rose 0.11% in the first week of September, a decrease in the increase compared to the previous week (0.13%). By region, Mapo-gu (0.19%→0.18%), Yongsan-gu (0.19%→0.17%), Dongdaemun-gu (0.20%→0.17%), Seongbuk-gu (0.15%→0.14%), Gwangjin-gu (0.12%→0.13%), Gangdong-gu (0.18%) % → 0.17%), Yeongdeungpo-gu (0.16% → 0.14%), etc., the increase decreased compared to the previous week.

In particular, the slowdown in growth in the ‘three Gangnam districts’, including Gangnam-gu (0.20% → 0.14%), Seocho-gu (0.11% → 0.06%), and Songpa-gu (0.28% → 0.24%), was noticeable.

The Korea Real Estate Board assessed, “In a situation where the wait-and-see attitude of buyers has intensified after the rapid sales are exhausted and the increase in the desired selling price is limited, upward adjustment of the selling price is maintained after intermittent upward transactions, mainly in preferred complexes, and the upward trend is continuing.”

These changes are also being felt in the field. An official from certified real estate agency A in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu said, “The rental price is rising slightly, but the sale price is the same. He said, “There is demand from newlyweds looking for a place to rent at this price, but there is not much,” adding, “I think this trend will continue for the time being.”

In Gangnam apartments, which led this rebound, the gap between asking price and actual transaction price has widened significantly. Type A카지노사이트, with an exclusive area of ​​84㎡ at Acro River Park in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, known as Banpo Daejangju, was traded for 3.81 billion won (12th floor) on the 18th of last month. The previous transaction was 3.6 billion won (4th floor), which changed hands on July 23rd. However, according to Naver Real Estate, the asking price for this type ranges from a minimum of 3.6 billion won to a maximum of 4.1 billion won. There is a difference of up to 300 million won from the recent transaction.

Apgujeonghyundai Apartment in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu is also priced at 3.8 billion won for a type C with an exclusive area of ​​84㎡. The previous transaction of this type was 3.6 billion won last June, and the asking price was about 200 million won higher.

Due to this effect, sales transactions for apartments in Seoul are decreasing. According to the Seoul Real Estate Information Plaza, there were 3,593 apartment transactions in Seoul in July, a decrease of 255 (7%) from the previous month (3,848).

Park Won-gap , senior real estate expert at KB Kookmin Bank, said, “The real estate market is currently showing mixed results as it has rebounded faster than consumers expected,” and added, “Gangnam has seen a decline in transactions due to the current high asking price, but due to two uncertainties such as supply instability and high sales price aftereffects, the future is expected to remain stagnant. ” “It won’t be a big loss,” he said.

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